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NWHSU Mash GA 2 Quiz 4 Anatomy Midbrain Diencephalon

2 paired bumps located on the inferior aspect of the DORSAL surface of the midbrain colliculi
Area 17 receives fibers from ___ Superior colliculus
Cranial nerve (name or number) that supplies the sphincter pupillae muscle CN3 Occulomotor
Cranial nerves attached to the midbrain 3, 4
Extrapyramidal motor nucleus located in the midbrain that is the site of pathology in Parkinson's. Substantia Nigra
General function of the neostriatum Exrtrapyramidal motor
Give the location of the inferior colliculis. Do NOT give corpora quadrigemini as your answer. On the dorsal side of the midbrain, just inf. to the sup. Colliculis
Group of fibers that connects the medulla and cerebellum Inferior cerebellar peduncle
Group of fibers that connects the pons with the cerebellum Middle cerebellar peduncle
IN the midbrain, corticospinal fibers are located in the ___ (be VERY specific) Basal peduncle
Level of CNS where nuclei for oculomotor nerve are located Midbrain
Midbrain nucleus that sends fibers to the medial geniculate Inferior Colliculis
NUCLEUS which sends fibers to area 17 of cerebral cortex Superior colliculus
Specific name given to that part of midbrain located between the cerebral aqueduct and the substantia nigra Tegmentum
Specific named part of the midbrain through which the corticospinal fibers pass Basal peduncle
Specific named part of the pons that forms the floor of the 4th ventricle; contains nuclei and tracts Tegmentum/Dorsal Pons
The superior and inferior colliculi (corpora quarigemini) are specifically located in the ______ portion of the _____ Dorsal portion of Midbrain (Tectum)
Which of the following are considered upper motor neurons? A. Caudate Nucleus B. Red Nucleus C. Mammillary Nucleus D. amygdaloid nucleus Caudate and Red Nuclei
Which of the following nuclei are located in the midbrain? A.nucleus gracilus B. Red Nucleus C. Inferior Olive D. Superior Colliculus Red Nucleus, Superior Colliculus
Area 17 of the cerebral cortex receiving fibers from ________. Lateral geniculate
Area of the DIENCEPHALON that contains the pineal gland Epithalamus
Area of the DIENCEPHALON that contains the substantia nigra and other motor nuclei extrapyramidal motor nucleus
Areas 3,1, 2 receive input from the ______ VPL nucleus of thalamus
Fibers from the inferior colliculus terminate on the ________ Medial geniculate
Fibers from the RIGHT nuclei gracilis and cuneatus terminate on the _____________ Left ventral posterior nucleus of thalamus
Fibers of the medial lemniscus terminate on the ____ VPL nucleus of thalamus
Fibers passing from the thalamus to area 3,1,2 are part of the ___ and are classified as ____ fibers Internal capsule, projection
In the general sensory pathways, all second order neurons terminate on the ________. Ventral Posterior Nucleus of the Thalamus
In the three neuron pathway for general sensation, the second order neuron from the right side terminates on the ____ (give side and nucleus) Left ventral posterior nucleus of thalamus
Nucleus involved in the visual pathway; the termination of the optic tract Lateral Geniculate
Part of thalamus involved with the auditory pathway. Medial Geniculate
Thalamic nucleus that sends information to visual cortex Lateral geniculate body
The mamillary nucleus is one of the nuclei of the _____ Hypothalamus of diencephalon
The Primary Auditory cortex receives information from the ______ nucleus. Medial Geniculate
What two groups of fibers terminate/synapse in the ventral posterior nucleus of the thalamus? 2nd order spinothalamic nn.; 2nd order medial lemniscus
Created by: AnatomyMash
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