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NWHSU Mash GA2 Quiz 4 Anatomy Spinal Cord and Medulla

All fibers terminating on area 17 have their neuron cell bodies in the ______ Lateral geniculate body
An ovoid nucleus located at the anterior tip of the tail of the caudate, in the temporal lobe; part of the olfactory and limbic systems (also – ‘basal nucleus located at tail/inferior end of caudate nucleus’) Amygdaloid nucleus
Define: spinal segment A portion of spinal cord to which a spinal nerve attaches
Name given to the area located immediately external to the dura mater of spinal cord. epidural space
Specific landmark on spinal cord where the dorsal roots attach Dorsolateral sulcus
Specific landmark on spinal cord where the ventral roots attach Ventrolateral sulcus
Specific name given to the white matter of the spinal cord located between the ventral roots and dorsal roots Lateral Funiculus
Structure that anchors spinal cord to the coccyx? Filum Terminale
The C8 spinal nerve attaches to the ___ segment of the spinal cord 8th/1st thoracic
The dural sac extends from foramen magnum to ____ 2nd sacral segment
The neuron cell bodies of fibers comprising the spinothalamic tract are located in ______ Nucleus proprius
Contains ascending ipsilateral sensory fibers (proprioception, vibration, discriminating touch) from T6 and above. Fasiculus Cutaneus
Contains ascending ipsilateral sensory fibers (vibration, discriminating touch) from T6 and below. Fasiculus Gracilis
Cranial nerve that supplies the sensory input to the carotid body and sinus? CN 9. Glossopharyngeal Nerve
Cranial nerves associated with the medulla 9,10,11,12
Dermatomes represented in fasciculus cuneatus. T6 and above
Fibers of the RIGHT fasciculus cuneatus terminate on the (left or Right)A._____, Name the nucleus B. _____ Right, nucleus cuneatus???
Part of brain where nucleus cuneatus is located Medulla
Part of brainstem which contains nuclei gracilis and cuneatus Medulla
Portion of the medulla where corticospinal fibers are located Pyramids
Specific name given to the pointed inferior end of the spinal cord at or just above L2 Conus medullaris
The hypoglossal n. exits the brainstem between which 2 structures? Olive and pyramids
Where are neuron cell bodies for fibers forming fasciculus gracilis? dorsal root ganglia of T6 and below
Cranial nerves associated with the pons 5, 6, 7, 8
Created by: AnatomyMash
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