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Westward Quiz

What was the geographic boundary of the Old Northwest from the east? (it's a mountain range) The Appalachian Mountains
What was the geographic boundary of the Old Northwest from the west? (it's a river) The Mississippi River
What does impressment mean? people are forced to serve on ships or the military
What was the treaty that ended the War of 1812? Treaty of Ghent
The Treaty of Ghent said what? The War of 1812 did not have a clear winner between Britain and the US
Name 3 causes of the War of 1812? British Impressment of American sailors British Blockade of American ships
Who was the president during the War of 1812? James Madison
What was the significance of the Bombardment of Fort McHenry during the War of 1812? Francis Scott Key wrote the Star Spangled Banner
What was the significance of the Battle of Baltimore during the War of 1812? The British burned the White House down
What was the significance of the Battle of New Orleans during the War of 1812? General Andrew Jackson secured the port of New Orleans
What was the significance of the Battle of the Thames during the War of 1812? Tecumseh, the Native American Confederation leader, died
Who was the president of the US during the Louisiana Purchase? Thomas Jefferson
What country did the US buy Louisiana from? France
Who was the leader of the country that the US bought Louisiana from? Napoleon
How much did the US pay for Louisiana? 15 million dollars
What was the name of the expedition that sent Americans to explore the Louisiana territory? Corps of Discovery
name 3 goals of the Corps of Discovery To record new species and draw a map, meet Native Americans, find the Northwest passage
Did the Corps of Discovery find the Northwest passage? No
Who was Sacagawea? She was a Native American Interpreter for the Corps of Discovery
What tribe was Sacagawea from? Shoshone
What did Meriwether Lewis do during the expedition of the Corps of Discovery? Recorded new species of plants and animals
What did William Clark do during the expedition of the Corps of Discovery? Mapped out the expedition
Who was York from the Corps of Discovery? Clark’s slave who became friendly with the Native Americans
What does ANNEX mean? Add on
What country was Texas a part of before it was annexed by the US? Mexico
Why did Texas go to war against Mexico? (3 reasons) Mexican government created new law stopping new settlers from going to Texas Mexican government did not want Texas to have slaves Mexicans think Texans did not want to learn Mexican culture (assimilate)
What happened after Texas won the war against Mexico? Texas became an independent country and then annexed by the US
Who was the US president who annexed Texas? James Polk
Give examples of infrastructure Canal, Railroad, Road, Power Plant
What does infrastructure mean? Facilities and systems serving a country, state, or city
What is the Erie Canal? Man made waterway connecting the Hudson river to the Great Lakes
Why was the Erie Canal important? Connected the east coast to the Old Northwest which improved the economy of the country as a whole
The Erie Canal connected the Hudson river to the... Great Lakes
What happens when infrastructure gets better? What improves? Faster trade, a variety of goods exchanged frequently, cheaper goods
Created by: rpiana