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Western Settlement

Chapter 18 - Western Settlement

boom towns towns that grew quickly around mining sites
ghost towns towns deserted as prospectors moved on to more promising sites or returned home.
transcontinental railroad railroad that would connect the Atlantic and Pacific coasts
Long Drive the herding of cattle from Texas to more than 1,000 miles to railroads
Homestead Act gave 160 free acres of land to a settler who paid a filing fee and lived on the land for 5 years.
homestead to earn ownership of land by settling on it.
reservations areas of land set aside for Native Americans
Wounded Knee location where US soldiers killed 300 Lakota Indians and marked the end of armed conflict between the US government and Native Americans
Populist Party political party that thought the government should own railroads and communication lines, there should be a currency based on free silver, and other various political reforms.
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