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In enzyme kinetics, cooperativity produces what type of graph? sigmoidal
transduction when the prophage genome gives the host new abilities
requirements for a virus to be infective injecting a virus into a host will result in virus replication therefore it needs RNA-dependent RNA polymerase
auxotroph a bacteria that can NOT survive on minimal media
adult fungi are (diploid/haploid/polyploid) haploid
sodium potassium pump 3 sodium IN 2 potassium OUT hydrolyze 1 ATP
excitatory vs. inhibitory neurotransmitter excitatory: depolarizes a synaptic cleft (excitatory postsynaptic potentials, EPSPs) inhibitory: hyperpolarizes one (inhibitory postsynaptic potentials, IPSIs)
preganglion neuron sends (short) axon to autonomic ganglia ganglia outside of the spinal column
postganglion neuron sends (long) axon to effector
location of synthesis of hormones in cell polypeptides & aa derivatives -- RER steroid -- smooth ER
lub-dub AV valves-semilunar valves
cardiac output CO (L/min) = [SV (L/beat)][bpm]
components of innate, humoral, and cell-mediated immunity INNATE: macrophages, neutrophils, compliment sys. also skin, stomach pH, etc. HUMORAL: antibodies and immunoglobulins; B cells differentiate into plasma&memory cells CELLMED: T helpers and T killers; distinguish from self via major histocompatibility cm
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