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bible 3-21-13

bible samson- jero

who were eli's two sons hophni and phinehas
where did eli's two sons commit immoral acts God's tent
Samuel's conduct gained favor with both _____ and _______? God and man
few people ______ God, recognized his _______, or had a _____ with Him knew, Will, relationship
Samuel received _______ _______ from God direct revelation
God called Samuel by name ________ times 4
what 2 things did god tell samuel a. to condemn eli's sons b. to condemn eli
what were the 3 ways God exalted Samuel preacher, deliverer, civil ruler (PDC)
After samuel's successful reign Israel wanted a _________ king
Israel had _________ motives for wanting a king ulterior
what was Israel's ulterior motive they wanted to be like other nations
the Israelites had grown tire of _____________ (God's rule) Theocracy
God _______ Samuel when he felt rejected comforted
God instructed Samson to never cut his _________ hair
God gave samson the gift of ________ ________ physical strength
Samson struck down ___________ men with a donkey's jawbone 1,000
samson struck down 1,000 men with a _________ ___________ donkey's jawbone
samson struck down _________ men with his bare hands 30
samson killed 30 men with his _________ _________ bare hands
what was the riddle samson told the philistines " Out of the eater, something to eat; out of the strong, something sweet."
Samuel's ______ gained favor with God and man conduct
what is a prophet a man who receives direct revelation from God
what is theocracy God's rule
what was Eli's response to God's message obedient and acceptant
where did samson find honey in a lion
how many foxes did samson use 300
what did samson do with those foxes tied their tail together and set them on fire with a torch in the enemy fields to ruin there harvest
how many days did samson give to the people at the wedding party to solve his riddle 7 days
why did samson loose his strength (the real reason) God had left him
what were samson's 3 main weaknesses a. temptation b. heart was not right with God c. spirit of revenge
what was his worst weakness of the 3 heart was not right with God
ruth was from where moab
ruth's husband and his family where from where bethlehem
ruth's husband died leaving _________ alone with no direct family Naomi
ruth was ________ to her mother in law loyal
ruth might never _________ again remarry
she protected naomi's ___ and ______ name and property
ruth gave birth to her first son OBED
God allowed ruth from moab to become apart of ________ ancestry Jesus
Obed was the __________ of king david grandfather
to protect Naomi's land and name so ruth proposed to boaz
who was naomi ruth's mother in law
why did naomi and her sons go to moab famine in the land
how long did the famine last 3 1/2 years
why did naomi move back to Judah famine over the land, and husband and sons died
in 3 ways how did ruth show she was loyal to naomi 1. went to live with naomi 3. protected Naomi's family name and 2. worked in the field for food property
describe ruth's proposal humble, noble, and generous
who did ruth propose to boaz
what did naomi's neighbors predict about obed OBED would be a RESTORER, and NOURISH RUTH @ OLD AGE
what is a vow a promise
what is pragmatism the belief that the end justifies the means
why did hannah grieve and weep she had no children
name of hannah's husband elkanah
name of elkanah's other wife that taunted hannah penninah
why did hannah make a vow so God would give her a child
describe Hannah's vow If You give me a child God, he would be returned to You
give 3 ways we know the vow was sincere heart, tabernacle, intense lip movement without words coming out
what were the 3 conditions of a nazarite 1. no wine 3. no hair cut 2. no dead bodies
name 3 men in the bible who were dedicated to God as babies Samson, Samuel, John the Baptist
who most likely raised Samuel in the tabernacle women
how did God futher bless Hannah gave her 5 more children
A prophet appeared to Jeroboam and tore a garment in ____ pieces 12
what did these torn pieces symbolize God divided Israel into two parts- Northern & Southern Rehoboam- 2 southern tribes& Jeroboam- ten other tribes
what were the 2 southern tribes judah and benjamin
The Israelites asked Jeroboam to treat them with more ________ than soloman had done concern
Jeroboam did not choose ____________ obedience
what was the saying Jeroboam said to Israel about there concern " My little finger shall be thicker than my father's waist"
what did this saying mean he would be stronger and more powerful than soloman a.k.a father
he said soloman has beat u with whips but I will beat u with scorpions
he treated them more _______ than his father harshly
the northern and southern kingdoms spilt in _______ B.C 931
pragmatism is godly or sinful sinful
What was the northern most town Dan
southern most town Bethel
name of soloman's 2 sons rehoboam and jeroboam
what warning did Jeroboam receive from God If God punished Soloman for disobedience he would also punish Jeroboam
what did Jeroboam lack faith and trust in God
what type of idols did Jeroboam set up in Israel Golden calves
2 ways Jeroboam went against the law of moses 1. made priest out of non-priest 2. made 2 gold calves
3 things that the prophet predicted concerning Jeroboam a. his kingdom would fall b. family & descendants would be destroyd c. Northern Kingdom will be doomed forever
what is pragmatism in your words solve problem using practical solutions
name 2 places where God built up Elijah's confidence Cherith and Zarephath
the pagans believed that Baal was the ______ of the ____ who brought ________ God, storm, rain
who was the God that brought rain in the pagan religion Baal
define drought period of no rain
name the town where the widow lived with her son Zarephath
describe the 2 miracles God preformed through Elijah for the widow 1. never ending supply of flour and oil 2. raised son from the dead
who accused elijah of being a trouble maker King Ahab
what did King Ahab accuse Elijah of being a trouble maker
what happened as a result of the contest people turned to God - and God's fire consumed everything
why was there a contest between God and Baal to see who was God and more important who the people would serve
how were the prophets of baal appealing to their God cutting themselves, wailing out, sacrificial dancing
what did elijah do to appeal to the lord pray
why do we not have to worry about taking revenge God will take care of it
how did God reward ruth's loyalty ad does loyalty require sacrifice God rewarded ruth with many blessings because of the loyalty she showed naomi. Ruth's family died and she went to live with her mother in law naomi. Naomi wanted to go back to bethlehem after the famine. they went there even though ruth may never>
turn over for rest of essay remarry again. She collected food for her, get her family name and property while working in boaz's fields and then proposing to him. I believe that true loyalty does take sacrifice because you are being loyal to someone else which is hard for us.
> trying to please their needs and not ours.
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