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History Vocab. #2

Lime green sheet of paper; weekly pop quiz

Panic of 1837 Severe economic depression that hits the nation after Van Buren's election.
Kitchen Cabinet Informal group of advisers who met with Andrew Jackson.
Monroe Doctrine Warning to European powers to make no more attempts to colonize in the Americas.
Gibbons v. Ogden The right to nullify federal laws considered unconstitutional.
Nullification Crisis Dispute between the states and the federal government over the Tariff of 1828.
Spoils System The practice of giving jobs to loyal supporters.
James K. Polk Our 8th president after winning the Election of 1836.
Missouri Compromise Compromise that brings Missouri into the Union as a slave state; Maine as a free state.
Trail of Tears Name given to the forced evacuation of Indians from leave Georgia.
Whigs New political party formed in opposition to Jackson. Harrison is their candidate in 1840.
Interchangeable Parts Process developed by Eli Whitney that called for making each part of a machine exactly the same.
Textiles Cloth items.
Industrial Revolution A period of industrial growth where the manufacture of goods by hand is replaced by machine.
Trade Union Groups of workers who organized to get better pay and working conditions.
State's Rights Supreme Court decision that reinforced federal government's authority over the states.
Technology Tools used to produce items or work.
Telegraph Invention of Samuel Morse that could send information great distances over wire.
John Deere He developed a new steel plow for farming.
Underground Railroad Network of hiding places where a slave could escape to freedom.
Seneca Falls Convention meeting place of the women's movement to declare their independence.
Abolition To end slavery.
Temperance Movement A reform movement to get people to drink less.
Second Great Awakening A period of dramatic religous conversions in the 1790's.
Transcendentalism Belief that people could rise above the material needs of life.
Utopia Belief that people could form perfect societies.
Emancipation The act of freeing all slaves.
Mexico The U.S goes to war with this nation due to the annexation of Texas.
Martin Van Buren Democratic candidate for president in 1844 who favors the annexation of Texas and Oregon.
Manifest Destiny Phrase used by John O'Sullivan that meant someday the U.S would expand all the way to the Pacific.
Texas Becomes the 28th state in the Union in 1845.
Bear Flag Republic Name given to California republic after winning its independence from Mexico.
Treaty of Guadalupe Hildalgo Treaty ending the Mexican War in 1848.
Forty-Niners Nickname given to those who head west to California in search of gold.
Gadsden Purchase Southern part of Arizona and New Mexico purchased in 1853 to build a railroad.
Mexican Cession Land purchased from Mexico in the American southwest after the Mexican War.
Mormons Religious settlers in Utah in the 1830's.
Created by: KayleighHolt
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