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Social studies la.

pgs:205-226 numbers: 33-63

name for a bend in the river crest
given to directors of the company of the indies for bringing settlers land grants
they usually were the ones who came to new orleans to settle peasants
often sent when no volunteers came to immigrants prisoners
this was paid for locating potential colonist for louisiana finders fee
term used to describe when John Law's scheme is discovered & the company of the indies goes bankrupt Mississippi Bubble
first brought to LA colony in 1716 of agricultural purpose slaves
large estates that focused on one cash crop plantation
______________and__________ became inportant cash crops of LA colony indigo and tobacco
established by bienville to govern to conduct of slaves and masters the black code
governor to secceed bienville of LA colony Etienne Perier
this tribe attacked Ft. Rosalie killing over 250 soldiers Zatchez
in 1732 it became this type of colony again royal colony
appionted by king as governer of LA colony Specie
gold and silver which was in short supply of LA colony chickasaw
became governor after retirement of bienville Vaudreuil
Vaudreuil is credit with having the first in New Orleans Mardi Gras Ball
replaces Vaudreuil and last of the royal Governor for LA Kerlerec
free spirited woodsmen who came and went into colony Coureror-de-dols
lacked by the early french settlers and reason why it failed work ethics
hard working farmers who saved the starving ppl of N.O. germans
young girls who came to new orleans in 1712 casket girls
purpose for the young girls coming to new orleans to become brides
these nuns cared for the young casket girls beginnning in 1772 ursulines
famous sandwich developed by the ursuline"s to feed the poor poyboys
Created by: kodi_alyce
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