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Chapter 19 keys

House Chapter 19 keys

GI Bill of Rights a new name given to the Servicemen's Readjustment Act a 1944 law that provided financial and educational benefits for WW II veterans
Suburb a residential town or community near a city
Harry S. Truman became president after Roosevelt died in 1945 motto - "The Buck Stops Here" Truman faced 2 challenges - 1) dealing with the rising threat of communism 2) restoring the American economy
Dixiecrat one of the Southern delegates who, to protest President Truman's civil rights policy, walked out of the 1948 Democratic National Convention and formed the States' Rights Democratic Party
Fair Deal President Harry S. Truman's economic program - an extension of Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal - which included measures to increase the minimum wage, to extend social security coverage, and to provide housing for low-income families
Conglomerate a major corporation that owns a number of smaller companies in unrelated businesses
Franchise a business that has bought the right to use a parent company's name and methods thus becoming one of a number of similar businesses in various loactions
Baby Boom the sharp increase in the U.S. birthrate following the end of WW II
Dr. Jonas Salk
Consumerism a preoccupation with the purchasing of material goods
Planned Obsolescence the designing of products to wear out or to become outdated quickly, so that people will feel a need to replace their possessions frequently
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