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Mexican War Review

What year did the Mexican War begin? 1846
Who was the president of the U.S. during the Mexican War? James Polk
What river did Mexico claim was the border between them and the U.S.? The Nueces River
What river did the U.S. claim was the border between them and Mexico? The Rio Grande River
What city did the U.S. need to capture from Mexico so that they could trade with China? San Francisco
How much did the U.S. offer for New Mexico and California? $30,000,000
What is an abolitionist? Someone supporting the abolishment of slavery
How many Texans joined the U.S. forces fighting Mexico? 5,000
Who was the former president that fought in the war? Mirabeau Lamar
What were 3 things women helped with in the war? They helped nursing the injured, cooking for soldiers, and loading guns for them.
In what year did the war end? 1848
Which treaty ended the war? The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
What states did the U.S. win from Mexico? California, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming
How much land did the U.S. win from Mexico, and how much did they pay for it? 530,000 sq. ft., $15,000,000, +55%
What started the war? The border dispute, annexation of Texas, Manifest Destiny, and the U.S. provoking Mexico
For what reasons did the U.S. win the war? They had better weapons, leadership, and military
What advantages did Mexico have towards the U.S.? They had bigger troops
How did the U.S. provoke Mexico? By setting up Fort Texas in the disputed land
Why did the Texas Rangers look bad? They killed civilians, looted towns, and were ruthless
Winfield Scott Captured Veracruz, which led to capturing Mexico City
First time U.S. attacked People protested against war
Created by: forster_891454