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Georgia History Gov

Branches and Municipalities

What are the three branches of government? Executive, Legislative, and Judicial
Who is the chief/head of the executive branch? the Governor
What is the highest court in the State of Georgia? the Supreme Court
What is seperation of powers? responsibilities of government are divided among the three branches of government
What is checks and balances makes sure that no branch of government becomes too powerful
Requirements to vote must be at least 18; a citizen of the United States; legal resident of Georgia and the county in which he/she registers
General Elections held in November in even numbered years
Major political parties Republican and Democrat
Interest Groups people who share common goals and objectives and who band together to influence government policies on issues related to their goals
Requirements to be Senator 25 years old citizen of US and Georgia for at least 2 years legal resident of district for at least one year
Requirements to become Representative at 21 years old citizen of US and Georgia for at least 2 years legal resident of the district for at least 1 year
General Assembly term length and limit 2 year terms and no limit on how many times they can be reelected
56 Senate
180 House of Representatives
Legislative Branch pass,amend, or eliminate any law or matter not denied in the Constitution
Executive Branch enforce laws
Judicial Branch interprets law
Duties of Speaker of the House and Lieutenant Governor appoint members to committees; designate chairpersons; assign bills to committees
Standing committee permanent committees
General Assembly name of the Legislative Branch of Georgia
bicameral two houses in the legislative branch
Upper house Senate
Lower House House of Representatives
interim committee work on an assigned task
conference committee work out disagreements between the House and Senate versions of a bill
joint committee has members in both the House and Senate working on an assigned topic or issue
Steps to how a Bill becomes a law 1.bill submitted 2. bill goes to committee; 3. committee sends to house or senate 4.bill passes both chambers 5.governor can sign or veto 6. each chamber can override veto by 2/3 vote
Requirements to become Governor/Lieutenant Governor 30 years old; citizen of US for 15 years; citizen of Georgia for 6 years
Governor term length and limit 4 years and only gets 2 terms
Lieutenant Governor term length and limit 4 years and there is no limit on how many times they can be reelected
Duties of Governor appoints state officials; calls special sessions of legislature; pardon convicted criminals
Leader of the Senate Lieutenant Governor
Leader of the House of Representatives Speaker of the House
Organization of Legislative Branch 2 chambers containing a total of 236 members; these chambers are the House of Representatives and the Senate
Organization of the Executive Branch broken down into departments with some officials being appointed and some being elected
head/commander-in-chief of the state governor
Department of Natural Resources enforces safety measures for hunting and fishing; administers laws that are designed to conserve land and water resources
Department of Transportation plans new routes for highways; hires construction companies; and maintains roads
Department of Economic Development responsible for attracting new business investments, encouraging existing industry and small business; develop new domestic and international trade markets for Georgia; handle tourism and special events
entrepreneur organizes, operates, and assumes the risk for business ventures
Department of Public Safety protects the State's people and property; include agencies like the GEorgia State Patrol; Georgia Bureau of Investigation; and Department of Driver Services
Department of Human Services ensure the well being of citizens; inlcudes welfare and health related issues
Department of Education sets curriculum standards; provides funding to schools; sets requirements for teacher certification and high school graduation
Term lenght of elected officials in executive branch 4year terms
Head of the Department of Law and chief legal officer of the State State Attorney General
head of the Agriculture Department; directs agribusiness; maintains the state's farmers markets Commissioner of Agriculture
Head of the Department of Labor; regultes health and safety of workers; enforces state labor laws; unemployment insurance Commissioner of Labor
Regulates insurance carriers and issues insurance licences Commissioner of Insurance
Regulates utilities in Georgia and serves a 6 year term Public Service Commissioners
keeps state's official records; supervises elections; publishes laws passed; regulates corporations and nonprofit organizations Secretary of State
head of the Department of Education; directs statewide education programs; enforces state and federal education laws; administers funds State School Superintendant
document that sets up how our state government works
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