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History Ch 16 Test

American republic ch 16 test review 8th grade

What was designed to keep freed slaves in subjection and prevent them from exercising their political rights? Black Codes
What granted citizenship to blacks? 14th Amendment
What was an offer of a group pardon to Southerners? Amnesty
What kept states from denying blacks the right to vote? Fifteenth Amendment
What abolished slavery? Thirteenth Amendment
Who won the disputed election of 1876? Rutherford B. Hayes
Who refused to leave office as secretary of state? Edwin Stanton
Who was the leader of Radical Republicans in the House? Thaddeus Stevens
Who was impeached in 1868? Johnson
Who negotiated the treaty to buy "Frigidia"? William Seward
What agricultural economic system developed in the South after the Civil War? Tenure of Office Act
What 12 year period is usually considered to be the years of Reconstruction? 1865-1877
What secret organization arose in the South to frighten blacks and discourage them from voting after the Civil war? Ku Klux Klan (KKK)
Who was Johnson's secretary of state? William Seward
What term was used for former slaves following the Civil War? Freedmen
What European country violated the Monroe Doctrine during the Civil War? France
What federal relief agency was established to help the freed slaves in the South? The Freedmen's Bureau
What term was applied to white Southerners who supported Radical Reconstruction? Scalawag
What term was applied to Northerners who came to the south to assist in Reconstruction? Carpet-baggers
During Reconstruction most Democrats opposing Radical Reconstruction would have agreed that the congressmen elected from the Southern stated according to Johnson's Reconstruction plan (should or should not be) allowed to take their seats in Congress? Should be allowed
What were Andrew JOhnson's achievements in foreign affairs? treaty with China and Russia, purchasing Alaska removing European rule in Mexico
How was Bourbon Reconstruction characterized? They believed that peace in the south would be better for business country sick of scandal & controversy return of Southern democrats power
What did the Radical Republicans object to? The 10% plan extension executive powers during civil war treatment south
Who won the Presidential election of 1868? Ulysses S. Grant
What all did the 14th Amendment do? Citizens representation by population. banned south from voting. prevented from assuming southern debt. Eliminate 3/5 compromise.
Why was the presidential election of 1876 unusual? The loser had won popular votes selected by specific electoral commission
What law established military rule in the South? Reconstruction of 1867
When the Civil War ended, the South was left to suffer which problems? lack of money in adequate labor force
Who administration was marked by the most political corruption? The Grant Administration
Created by: bgpalmers