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Civil War Unit Q & A

Civil War and Reconstruction Study Guide Questions

What were some examples of new technology that were used in the Civil War? Rifles that shoot better, Railroads were fast, submarines to go through the blockade, early hand grenade, iron clads (iron ships)
What was the effect of military technology? They made the war more deadly and the medical knowledge hadn't advanced as much.
Who did the Confederacy hope would help them during the Civil War? Britain
What happened as a result of President Lincoln signing the Emancipation Proclamation? Nothing, but it gave the north something to fight for.
What is the result of total war? To destroy the other side's will to fight.
What was the goal of the Emancipation Proclamation? To give the north a reason to fight and to preserve the Union.
Describe what a soldier's life might be like. Give 3 details and provide examples of each. 1. Tiring-because they work hard for little food. 2. Scary-because they might get killed any moment. 3. Sad-because they might not see their family.
What amendment abolished slavery? 13th Ammendment, in 1865, ended slavery.
What was established to help former slaves after the war? Freedman's Bureau
What document written by President Lincoln honored soldiers from both sides and asked them to try and save the Union? When did he make this speech? Gettysburg Address. November, 1863
What battle led to Great Britain ending its support of the Confederacy? The Battle of Antietam. The South was alone.
Where did General Robert E. Lee surrender to General U. S. Grant? What was the date of the surrender? Who won the Civil War? In a farmhouse in Appomattox Court House in Virginia on April 9, 1865. The North won.
What was the name of the three part strategy the Union had to crush the Confederacy? Why was it called that? The Anaconda plan, the north would squeeze the south like an Anaconda wraps itself around its prey. Part 1 Blockade of Atlantic & Gulf Coast. Part 2-capture territory along MS river. part 3- to attack the confederacy from east and west.
What was the name of the battle in which General Jackson refused to give up? First Battle of Bull Run
What law required men of a certain age to serve in the military if they were called? Drafts
What was the name of the battle in which Union forces blocked all routes to the city? As a result the Confederacy was cut in two and the Union gained control of the Mississippi River? Battle of Vicksburg
What was played on the battle field signaling instructions for firing and the advancement of troops? drums
What was Clara Barton's nickname? "Angel of the Battlefield"
What amendment angered women that fought for abolition? What right did they hope to obtain? 15th Amendment. The right to vote.
What amendment declared former slaves to be citizens and guarantees equal protection of the law to all citizens? When was it passed? 14th Amendment in July, 1868
Who assassinated Lincoln? Where did the assassination take place? John Wilkes Booth, at Ford's Theater.
What was the name of the rebuilding and healing period called after the Civil War? Reconstruction
What was the Confederacy's main crop? Why was it so important? Cotton because they sold it and made stuff from it.
What were 2 advantages the Union had over the Confederacy? 1. Had factories to make materials. 2. Had good strategy- Anaconda Plan
What were the two advantages the Confederacy had over the Union? 1. Experience fighting in the woods. 2. Had a reason to fight
What name was given to people that were not fighting in the war, but were providing support, shelter, and supplies? ?
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