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Articles of Conf

Esposito Unit 8 Articles of Confederation

Paper money is worthless unless...? it's backed by gold and silver
Why is Shays's Rebellion important? it convinced people that a stronger government was needed
Who did America borrow money from to fight the Revolutionary War? wealthy citizens and foreign nations
How would you describe the government under the Articles weak and ineffective
Who elects the president? electoral college
What was not permitted in the new states of the northwest territory? slavery
Which state boycotted the Constitutional Convention? Rhode Island
Spain closed off which river for American shipping? the Mississippi River
What was the most important rule of the Constitutional Convention? The Rule of Secrecy
Who is the father of the constitution? James Madison
Why do we know so much about the Constitutional Convention? James Madison took careful notes
Why did the delegates originally hold the Constitutional Convention? to revise the Articles of Confederation
Whose power was limited on the state level? the governor
Why did the south want slaves to count as part of the population? so they would have more representation/votes
What is a 2-house legislature? bicameral
During the Articles, what power did the central government have? the power to wage war and handle foreign relations
What size did a population have to reach to apply for statehood? 60,000
Who takes office if the president dies? the Vice President
What did the Connecticut Compromise do? combined the Virginia and New Jersey plans
How are electors picked to join the electoral college? each state picks its own method
During the Articles, how were votes for states decided? equal (every state had one vote)
Which plan stated the more populated states should have more votes? Virginia Plan
Land Ordinance of 1785 split the western lands into...? townships
What does the legislative branch do? make laws
What does the executive branch do? executes or carries out laws
What does the judicial branch do? applies or interprets laws
How many branches of government did the states have under the Articles? three
What did the farmers in Shays's Rebellion claim? taxation without representation
Why was Shays's Rebellion important? it showed that we needed a stronger central government
How did the states act under the Articles? like their own countries
What 3 powers did the central government NOT have under the articles? power to regulate trade, impose taxes, and force citizens to join the army
What department was made under the article to handle the nation's debt? department of finance
Who was president of the convention? George Washington
During the Articles, each state had its own what? constitution
Who decided to ratify the constitution the people
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