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Ch.14 Vocab

Hajin Seo S1200120 Ch.14 Vocab

people who leave a country. emigrant
people who settle in a new country. immigrant
the cheapest deck on a ship. steerage
These forces push people out of their native lands and pull them toward a new place. push-pull foctors
In 1845, a disease attakced Ireland's main food crop, the potato, causing a severe food shortage. famine
a negative opinion that is not based or facts. prejudice
Native-born Americans who wanted to eliminate foreigh influence. nativists
Irving and other writers were inflenced by a style of European art. romantaticm
Theire artists painted lush natural landscapes. Hudson River school
Emerson and Thoreau belonged to a group of thinkers with a new philosophy. tronscendentalism
peacefully refusing to obey laws one considers unjust. civil disobedience
to reawaken religious faith. revival
The renewal of religious faith in the 1790s and early 1800. Second Great Awakening
which is a campaign to stop the drinking of alcohol. temerance movement
a group of workers who band together to seek better working conditions. labor union
stopping work to demand better conditions. strike
He called public education in the United Sates. Horace Mann
a reformer from Boston, was teaching Sunday school at a jail. Dorothea Dix
the move ment to end slvery, began in the late 1700s. abolition
they spoke from their own experience of slavery. Frederick Douglass
they spoke from their own experience of slavery. Sojourner Truth
an aboveground series of escape routes from the South to the North. Underground Railroad
One of the most famous conductions. Harriet Tubman
She was part of an American delegation that attended the World Anti-slavery convention in London in 1840. Elizabeth Cady Stanton
The convention attracted between 100 and 300 women and men, including Frederic Douglass. Seneca Falls Convention
The right to vote. suffrage
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