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study for End of Coarse exam

domino theory fight and supply border countries of communism to stop the spread or "row of dominoes" countries in line from falling to communism
containment theory contain communism by supporting rebel groups and giving money to countries that surround China and other communist countries
Shankie Shek supported us; controls eastern industrialized cities; flees to Taiwan establishing reneade government
Mao supported by farmers; leads Red Army Mard; attacks cities
North Korea invades South Korea
South Korea with help of the United Nations fights back; pushes all the way to China
Bay of Pigs United States' land invasion of Cuba; Cuban nationalists with U.S. air cover; Kennedy finds out at last minute about troops in Tampa ready for invasion; pulls out U.S. Air Force leaves nationalists on shore to die; fires head of CIA
Cuban missile crisis (1/2) Castro secretly puts Russian nuclear missiles in Cuba as defense against another U.S. attack; U.S. calls out Russia/Cuba at United Nations; Russia lies denies existence; U.S. blockades Cuba; Russia makes secret agreement with Kennedy
Cuban missile crisis (2/2) we pull our nukes out of Turkey and never attack Cuba; they remove missiles
Demillitarized Zone (DMZ) trip of land between North and South Korea where no weapons are allowed
Pre-history of Vietnam Ho Chi Minh studied in France, goes back to Vietnam and asks France for independence
Gulf of Tonkin incident U.S. destroyer enters North Vietnam waters; fired upon; U.S. declares war, later find out it was fake; Johnson lied to esculate war
Hawks people in favor of war
Doves people against war
concientious person who refuses to fight in war for belief
Vietnamization U.S. plan to gradually withdraw from Vietnam and have their troops take over
Viet Cong North Vietnamese military
Ho Chi Minh leader of North Vietnam
Search and destroy millitary mission with small platoons searching for and destroying stick pils
Agent orange chemical spray to kill all plants and trees; causes cancer
Napalm jelly gasoline in a bomb that spreads and lights whole forest villages
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