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India's Geography

Introduction and geography of India

India Large country in South Asia; this poor country, holds the second largest population in the world
subcontinent India is called a subcontinent because it was an ancient continent that collided with Asia and is isolated from the rest of Asia
South Asia The region of Asia which contains Pakistan,India,Bangladesh and borders the Indian Ocean
Indus River One of the worlds great rivers found today in Pakistan, the river is where India gets its name and is one of seven sacred rivers of Hinduism
Ganges River India's most sacred river; the mother of India, the giver of life. The volume of water is one of the largest rivers in the world
Bay of Bengal Located to the east of India, the Ganges River empties into this large bay
Arabian Sea Located to the wear of India, the Indus River emptied into this sea. Divides India from the Arabian peninsula
Hindu Kush Mountains Large mountain range located in Kashmir, northern Pakistan and Afghanistan. Part of the Asian wall which isolates South Asia from the rest of the continent
monsoons The annual seasonal rains which occur in tropical savannah climates
Himalayan Mountains World's largest mountain range which separates India from China
climate The long term predictable patterns of weather
delta Swampy area located at the end if the large river just before it empties into a body of water
mountain range A series or chain if connected mountains
Indian Ocean One of the worlds four oceans located south of India,east of Africa,and west of Australia
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