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ch17 Reconstruction

Ch. 17 Reconstruction

scalawag white Southerner who supported Reconstruction
carpetbagger whites from the North who moved to the South and were in control of Reconstruction governments
13th Amendment Reconstruction Amendment that abolished slavery
14th Amendment Reconstruction Amendment that granted citizenship to those born in the United States, guaranteed rights to all citizens and declared that someone could not be deprived of rights without due process
15th Amendment Reconstruction Amendment that gave African Americans the right to vote
sharecroppers a poor farmer (poor whites for former slaves) who were given a piece of land in exchange for giving part of their crop to their landlord. Also had to buy supplies on credit. Often, this left them with barely enough to feed their families.
segregation separation of the races
impeachment The House of Representatives charges a federal official with wrongdoing. A trial then begins in the Senate.
Ku Klux Klan Terrorist group whose purpose was to prevent African Americans from exercising their rights after the Civil War.
Plessy v. Ferguson Supreme Court case that ruled that segregation was legal as long as facilities were separate but equal
poll tax fee paid in order to vote. One of the says Southern governments limited the right to vote for African Americans following Reconstruction.
literacy tests voters had to answer questions about government, history and state and federal constitutions in order to vote. One of the says Southern governments limited the right to vote for African Americans following Reconstruction.
grandfather clause laws that allowed those who could not pass the literacy tests or pay the poll tax to vote if they, their fathers or grandfathers(in other words, a direct relative) had been able to vote.
Reconstruction period after the Civil War in which Southern states are readmitted to the Union.
Jim Crow Laws laws that are passed in the South immediately following Reconstruction that results in strict racial separation.
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