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language arts

definitions for summative

coincidence happening randomly
curator person in charge of museum
transit the act or fact of passing through
wardrobe a tall piece of furniture that holds clothing
suspicious to bring about question or distrust
pretentious showing extreme pride and self importance
stupendous amazingly interesting
gullible easily convinced or tricked
senility decline in mental state
pursuit to chase after,to go forward, to seek
currents a flowing;moving in a certain direction
conviction a rule method or practice established by usage
conspicuous easily seen or noticed
predict to guess about someone or something
impressive amazing, great, awesome
intriguing interesting
mediocre bad, not useful
labyrinth like a puzzle or maze
underfoot constantly present and in ones way
hybrid a thing made by combining two different elements
earshot the range or distance over which one can hear or be heard
gory involving or showing violence and blood
credulity a tendency to be too ready that something is real or true
innumerable incapable of being counted very numerous
anonymous unknown;random
incalculable very numerous large unknown value
ingenious clever inventive or resourceful
cobalt a silver-white metallic element with a pinkish tinge
scalding a burn or the act of burning
judiciously using or showing judgement with actions
pewter a utensil or material made of alloy
tapestries colored thread hand made
resurfaced to give a new surface to
reminiscing to recall past experience
luminous shining bright or reflecting light
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