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Revolutionary War

Social Studies

a mounted soldier that used a saber and a pistol dragoon
a bayonet in the gut Tarleton Quarter
mercenaries from Germany that fought for the British Hessian
a fortification made of lumber redoubt
elite soldiers in the British army grenadiers
front line of an army vanguard
back end of the army rearguard
American colonist who was determined to fight the British until American independence was won Patriot
American colonist who remained obedient to Britain and opposed the war for independence Loyalist
taking no side in a conflict neutral
paid soldiers who serve in the army of a foreign country mercenaries
to enlist soldiers in the army recruit
a militia group led by Ethan Allen Green Mountain Boys
to leave without permission desert
a continuous rise in the price of goods and services inflation
cut off an area by means of troops or warships to block supplies or people from coming in or going out; to close off a country's ports blockade
armed private ships privateers
a hit-and-run technique used in fighting a war; fighting by small bands of warriors using tactics such as sudden ambushes guerrilla warfare
a surprise attack ambush
to give official approval to ratify
British general that defeated Washington at Long Island, White Plains, Brandywine Creek,and Germantown William Howe
the Patriot commander that participated in many battles and would have won the battle at Germantown George Washington
died in the battle of Trenton Colonel Rahl
British general that won the battle of Camden which didn't help the war effort in the south Lord Cornwallis
British general that wins at Hubbardton, loses at Bennington and Saratoga, and ties at Freeman's Farm John Burgoyne
Patriot general that fled at the battle of Ticonderoga and is called a coward, also at Hubbardton Arthur St. Clair
known as the hero of Bennington John Stark
Patriot general that got the credit for winning the battle of Saratoga and runs away from his army at Camden Horatio Gates
Patriot general that really won the battle of Saratoga and ignored Gates's orders Benedict Arnold
Patriot general that lost the battle of Paoli Mad Anthony Wayne
British general that leaves Philly and heads to New York and ties with Patriots at Monmouth Henry Clinton
Patriot general that failed Washington at Monmouth Charles Lee
Patriot general that wins at Cowpens Daniel Morgan
a successful, ruthless British general in the south that fought at Camden and lost at Cowpens Banastre Tarleton
fights at Guilford Courthouse and doesn't win but severely damages Cornwallis's army Nathaniel Greene
French commander that helped Washington win at Yorktown Jean-Batiste Rochambeau
a Patriot that spied on British troops but was discovered and killed Nathan Hale
wrote The Crisis Thomas Paine
a former officer from Germany that turned Washington's troops at Valley Forge into an effective fighting force Friedrich von Steuben
American naval officer that raided British ports and became a hero after making the Serapis surrender John Paul Jones
known as the Swamp Fox and is considered the father of modern guerrilla warfare Francis Marion
commander of the French naval fleet and helped Washington and Rochambeau win at Yorktown Admiral de Grasse
Created by: madison.heaton