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Ch15The Roman Empire

Why did Augustus ordered a Census? To make sure people did not pay too much or too little tax.
Why did Augustus refuse to be crowned emperor? He knew that most Romans would not accept one-person rul unless it took the form of a republic.
How did Augustus try to make the Roman Empire like a republic? He governed the exhisting territory making Rome more beautiful, and gave rome a new sense of peace and pride. He strengthened his authority by having every soldier swear alligance and by building his imperial house hold.
Who were the Juris Prudents, and what were they supposed to do? Special lawyers and legal writers. They had to write new laws that would be as fair to non-Romans as to Romans.
What happened to trade during the Pax Romana? Trade increased goods and money moved safely and the mediterranean was cleared of pirates.
What happened to law during the Pax Romana? It went through major changes. The laws on the Twelve Tables were changed.
What were some of the features of a Roman Domus? The Domus had marble walls and colored stone floors and windows made of small panes of glass. The furnace heated the rooms and pipes brought water even to the upper floors
Which groups of people were trained as gladiators? Most were enslaved people, prisoners of war, criminals, or poor people.
What kind of schooling did Roman children receive? Until they were 12 years old Roman boys and girls went to school together. Sons of rich families began their formal education and sudies reading, grammar, writing, music, geometry, commercial arithmetic and shorthand. Sons of poor families went to work.
What did the Romans do for entertainment? Gambling with dice, meeting friends at public bath houses which had gymnasiums, sports stadiums and libraries, watching or playing games, listening to lectures, seeing music shows, exercising, sitting and talking and watching gladitorial games.
absolutel ruler of an empire emperor
adopted son of Caesar Augustus
real name was Octavian Augustus
balanced power between himself and the senate and became emperor Augustus
nothern boundary of his empire was the Rhine and Danube Rivers Augustus
a population count census
the peace that Augustus brought to Rome. It lasted for 200 years. Pax Romana
taxes placed on goods brought into the country tariffs
special lawyers that were legal writers. They wrote fair laws for the conquered people the Romans had to do business with. juris prudentes
a wealthy person's house domus
people who fought animals and one another in arenas. Most were enslaved people, prisoners of war, criminals, or poor people gladiators
the Roman emperor in 284AD. He split the empire into two parts, the Western and Eastern providences. He established the policy of divine right. Diocletian
Became the Roman emperor in 312AD. First Roman emperor to become CHirstian. Constantine II
Country estates of the wealthy landowners. The wealthy landowners moved there to escape Constantine's control villas
What are some tings that may have been located in the Roman Forum? Statues, temples, government official buildings, and shops
How did the Praetorian Guard contribute to the empire's decline? He strangled Marcus Aurelius. He sold the throne to the highest bidder, or whoever was offering the most money.
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