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8SS_Kend_Civil War3

The Civil War_Quiz #3

What city on the Mississippi, did Lincoln consider to be the "key" to Union victory? Vicksburg
What Tennessee city guarded the gateway to the eastern Confederacy and the rebel war industry in Georgia? Chattanooga
Whose charge up Cemetary ridge was a big mistake? General George Pickett
Jefferson Davis wanted Lee to help relieve the siege of Vicksburg, but Lee had a bolder plan. Where did Lee decide to invade instead? Pennsylvania
Who won the battle of Gettysburg? the North
What Confederate city finally surrendered to Grant on July 4, 1863? Vicksburg
How many years went by before the city of Vicksburg celebrated the 4th of July? 81 years
What did the Battle of Gettysburg begin over? shoes
What army held the high ground at Gettysburg? the North
Who admitted that ordering the final attack at Cold Harbor was the only thing he ever did wrong? Ulysses S. Grant
Who was in charge of all nurses in the Union Army and worked for four years without pay? Dorothea Dix
Who did Robert E. Lee felt his first duty was to? Virginia
How long was the Gettysburg Address? 269 words
Why did poet Walt Whitman go to work in a Washington DC hospital? his brother had been wounded
What would have happened of both Grant and Sherman had remained stalled in the fall of 1864? Lincoln would have lost the election
What part of the Union strategy was Sherman in charge of? the attack on Atlanta
What happened to the wounded soldiers at the Wilderness? they burned alive in a brush fire
How much did it cost to hire a substitute to take your place in the war if you had been drafted? $300
From the Wilderness to Cold Harbor, the fighting was non-stop for how many days? 30 days
Where were guns set up just outside of Chattanooga? Lookout Mountain
Created by: ndmsteach