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SS Unit 3 Chp 8n

Section 4 - notes

Roman Peace The Pax Romana, ---- ----- is the long era of peace (200 years) that began with Augustus
safe upon becoming emperor in 27 B.C., Augustus set out to make the empire strong and -----
army to provide security, Augustus built a permanent, professional ---- of about 150,000 men
Augustus ----- also created a special unit called the Praetorian Guard
emperor the Praetorian Guard consisted of about 9,000 men in charge of guarding the -----
politics the Praetorian Guard later became very influential in Roman ----
legions Augustus's ---- conquered new territories and added vast stretches of northern Europe to the empire
Roman all of Spain and Gaul came under ---- rule, as did land in what is today Austria, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria
hungry; imported Augustus restored Rome's splendor and fed the --- poor of Rome with ---- grain from Africa
government Augustus worked hard to improve Rome's ------
50 during Augustus's reign, more than --- million people lived in the Roman Empire
governor Augustus appointed a proconsul or ---- for each province replacing politicians appointed by the Senate
tax Augustus also reformed the Roman --- system
paid before Augustus, individual tax collectors ---- the government for the right to do the job
keep to make their investments worthwhile, tax collectors were allowed to ---- some of the money they gathered
dishonest many of the tax collectors were ---- and took too much money
permanent Augustus solved the problem of the dishonest tax collectors by making tax collectors ----- government workers
legal Augustus also reformed the ---- legal system by creating a set of laws for people who were not citizens
followed The Julio-Claudian emperors were the rulers who --- Augustus: Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius, and Nero but unfortunately they were not all fit to lead
competent Tiberius and Claudius were ---- rulers
strangely mental illness caused Caligula to act ---- and to treat people cruelly
horse he had many people murdered wasted a lot of money and even gave his favorite --- the position
killed eventually the Praetorian Guard ---- him and put Claudis on the throne
Nero ---- was also a vicious man
wives among those he had killed were his mother and two ----
fiddled he is best remembered for having ---- while Rome burned
fire according to legend, he was playing music miles from Rome when a ---- destroyed much of the city in A.D. 64 but eventually he committed suicide
restored Vespasian ---- order to Rome after the chaos following Nero's death
Jewish he put down several rebellions in the empire, including the ----- rebellion in Palestine
Titus troops commanded by Vespasian's son --- defeated the Jews and destroyed the Jewish temple in Jerusalem in A.D. 70
Colosseum during his reign, Vespasian began construction of the ---- a huge amphitheater in Central Rome
Domition Vespasian's son Titus then his other son ----- ruled Rome after he died
growth both sons oversaw an era of ---- and prosperity in Rome
disasters during Titus's reign two ---- struck the empire
Pompeii the volcano Mount Vesuvius erupted destroying the city of ---- and a great fire badly damaged Rome
series at the beginning of the A.D. 100's a ---- of rulers who were not related to Augustus or Vespasian came to power
good emperors Nerva, Trajan, Hadrian, Antoninus Pius, and Marcus Aurelius are known as ---- ----
flourished the Roman Empire ---- under their rule
educate Trajan gave money to help poor parents raise and --- their children
law Hadrian made Roman --- easier to understand
orphans Antoninus Pius passed laws to help -----
aqueducts all of the "good emperors" supported public building projects - they built arches and monuments , bridges and roads and harbors and ----
aqueducts ---- is a human-made channel for carrying water long distances
reign the Roman Empire became one of the largest empires in history during the ---- of the good emperors
3.5 million the Roman Empire included about ---- square miles
west; east the people of the Roman Empire spoke different languages; mostly Latin in the ---- and Greek in the ----
identity what unified the empire, though, were Roman law, Roman rule, and a shared ---- as Romans
boundaries in Europe the empire's northern ---- were at the Rhine River and Danube River
Britain Hadrian's Wall was built across northern ---- to keep out the Picts and Scots; two warlike people
citizen the Romans were generous in granting citizenship - in A.D. 212 every free person was made a Roman ---
agriculture ---- was the most important part of the Roman economy
olives; grain most people were farmers who grew ---- , grapes, and ---
industry ---- was also important
brass potters, weavers, and jewelers produced goods and cities became centers for making glass, bronze, and ----
ports traders came from all over the empire and beyond to ---- in Italy
Tiber two of the largest port cities were Puteoli on the Bay of Naples and Ostia at the mouth of the ----
vital a good transportation system was ---- to the empire's trade
50,000 during the Pax Romana, Rome's system of roads reached a total length ---- miles
currency Rome's trade was also helped by a common --- currency or system of money
coins Roman ---- were accepted throughout the Mediterranean region by A.D. 100
merchants ---- could use the same money in Gaul or Greece as they did in Italy
weights the Romans also created a standard system of --- and measures
prosperity the Romans standard system of weights and measures made it easier for people to price goods, trade, and ship products
gap a ---- existed between rich merchants, shopkeepers, and skilled workers and poor farmers and city dwellers
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