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Ch16 Christianity

Why did Jews await the arrival of the messiah? There was lots of unrest and Jews had to pay high taxes and they were in lots of pressure. The Roman treated the Greeks ver unfairly.
Why is Paul considered the first missionary? He believed in CHristianity and was the first to spread religious beliefs.
Why did Romans charge Jesus of treason? They were worried because many Jews greeted him as a messiah. They started to only worship their one true god.
What changed did Paul make in the Christian religion? He said that gentiles could be Christian. They just had to have faith in Jesus.
What factors brought about a change in attitude between Romans and Christians? They became tired of way and feared the end of the empire.
Why did early Christians form churches? Christiand thought the end of the world was near.
What did the bishops consider as heresy? Points of view the bishops didn't accept.
How was the early Christian church organized? Each church is called a Parish. Each Parish had a leader known as a priest. Several ch urches were put into larger groups called diocese, which was headed by a bishop.The most important bishops were Archbishop and most important archbishop were patriarchs
Where did christianity start? Palastine
Why did Jesus teach in Parables? People could understand religious principles he was trying to teach
Why did the Roman blame and punish christians? Because the Christians and jews refused to worship the roman emporer
Why did the latin and greek churches split into 2 groups? Christians who spoke latin saw him as the head of all the churches. Christians who spoke greek however did not accept the pope as their leader
Scriptures Sacred writings of any religion
Patriachs Five leading archbishops in the early church
Gentiles Term applied to anyone who is not jewish
Diocese Church division ade up of several parishes
Missionary Person who spreads religious beliefs to others. The roman system of roads helped them spread their word
Resurrection Rising from the dead, Christians believed Jesus's death and this happned to forgive them of their sins
Heresy Doctrines that church authorities disapprove
parables stories
Parish Term for a local church in early christianity
Messiah Someone who would save the greeks
Abbot person who heads a monstery
Apostles The people chosen by Jesus to spread his teachings
Convents Religious communities for christian women
Romans Blamed christians for plagues and famines
Roman Catholic Church The latin churches as a groups
Priest leader of a church
Bishop The person who handled each diocese
Archbishop Most important Bishop
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