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Termthe strongest will survive
Robber Barons people with a lot of money and that does not care about anything but their business
Carnegie was a robber baron.. who own all the steel
Rockefeller was a robber baron.. who own all the "Standard oil"
Morgan was a robber baron..
Janne Addams Hull house that provied shelter,education,and senation for the poor and the immigrants
Ida Wells-Barrentt abolinsit who fought against lynching didn't like booker T washington
Lynching is a way people die.. if you committed a crime you get lynched(hung)
Booker T Washington start form the bottom and learn you way up.. abloinst
Rule of Law
WEB Dubois demand respect, help develope NAACP
Academic Education
Technical Education
Jim Crow Laws/Black Codes limited the slaves after 13th, 14th,and 15th amendment
Gospel of Wealth
Housing conditions of immigrants packed, unsentaize,
Working conditions of immigrants dangerous, child working
Child Labor Laws stop children form working
Labor Unions stop immigration and the government decieded who can work and who cant
Created by: Calvin12