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Indust. and Urban.

Social Darwinism The belief of evolving/adapting over time
Robber Barons Rich American businessmen
Carnegie Industrialist in the Steel Industry
Rockefeller Industrialist in the Oil Industry
Morgan Industrialist American banker
Jane Adams The Hull House
Ida Wells-Barnett Journalist, anti-lynching
Lynching To hang someone
Booker T. Washington Founder of the Tuskegee Institute
Rule of Law due process
WEB Dubois NAACP cofounder
Academic Education WEB Dubois belief
Technical Education Booker T. Washington belief
Jim Crow Laws/ Black Codes Limit the rights of former African-American slaves
Gospel of Wealth A book by Andrew Carnegie
Housing conditions of immigrants Tenements, crowded, unsanitary
Working conditions of immigrants dangerous, low wages, long hours
Child Labor Laws Rules limiting the working of minors
Labor Unions Organized association of workers formed to protect and further their rights and interests.
Railroads Transcontinetal transportation
Created by: Marissa_Robinson