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SFS Science Ch 16

discussion question

compressional waves a wave in which matter vibrates in the same direction as the energy waves traveling through it is called a ---- ----
intensity a measure of the amount of energy in a wave
music pleasant sound with regular wave pattern
noise sound with no regular wave pattern
photon a bundle of energy that is released when an atom loses some energy
wavelength the distance between a point on one wave and the same point on the next wave
frequency refers to the number of waves that pass a point in a given amount of time
amplitude the distance between a wave's midpoint and its crest or trough
electromagnetic all waves that radiate from the sun are ---- waves
primary red, green, and blue are the ---- colors of light
cones are light sensitive cells in your eyes
opaque are objects that light does not pass through
rocks sensors in your eye that are not sensitive to color, but can respond to smaller amounts of light are rocks
transparent a ---- object allows light to pass though it
wavelength a stained glass window is a substance that transmits different ---- of light
what is color visible light is a tiny part of the electromagnetic spectrum of energies given off by the sun
energy photons from the sun travel through space carrying different amounts of ---
radiate all waves that ---- from the sun are called electromagnetic waves
electromagnetic the entire range of energy waves is called the ---- spectrum
primary colors ---- ---- are red, blue, and green by sensing only these three colors, people see a wide range of colors
why do we see color the human eye contains 3 different types of cones, each of which responds to a different primary color
black when none of the cones are stimulated by light, we see -----
opaque does not allow light to pass through
transparent allows light to pass through so that objects on the other side can be seen
echo a refected soun wve
states of matter solid, liquid, gas
primary colors blue, green and red
light is a form of energ that mves out from a central point
How is sound produced? when matter vibrates
pitch how high or low sound is
low pitch further apart
crest high point on a wave
trough low point on a wave
why do we see color? cones in your eyes red, blue, green, when we see black all colors when we see white
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