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3 qtr wld hist peopl

all the important people from the 3rd quarter

Mazzini "heart" of Italian unification
Cavour "brain" of Italian unification
Garibaldi "sword" of Italian unification
Viktor Emmanuel king of newly unified Italy
Kaiser Wilhelm I leader of Prussia during German unification
Bismarck chancellor of Prussia, the real power behind German unification
James Watt improved steam engine to mine coal
Eli Whitney invents cotton gin
Henry Bessemer made a better process to produce steel
Thomas Edison created electricity and the light bulb
Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone
Samuel Morse invited the telegraph
Louis Pasteur pasteurized milk (dairy can have longer shelf life)
Turner, Delacroix famous romantic artists
Breton, Eakins, Kollowtiz famous realist artists
Monet, Renoir, Degas famous impressionist artists
Adam Smith author of "Wealth of Nations"
Karl Marx "The Communist Manifesto"
Robert Owen "A New View of Society" (socialist texts)
Cecil Rhodes owner of the De Beers diamond company, played a major role in British imperialism
Menelik II king of Ethiopia, modernizes country and resists the Italians successfully
King Leopold II king of Belgium who oppressively ruled the Congo, sparked the European competition for Africa
Matthew Perry American commodore who led an American fleet to force the Japanese to open up
Gandhi Indian revolutionary leader who gained the country's independence by practicing civil disobedience
Emporer Mushito emporer of Japan during the Meigi Restoration
Created by: mtwhitneygirl
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