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Modern Ga People

WW2-Modern Georgia Influential People

Eugene Talmadge Great Depression Era Segregationist governor who was against New Deal Programs and school integration. Served 3 terms & later used New Deal Programs to benefit the state.
Richard Russell WW2 Era US Senator, believed in national defense, brought military bases & industry to GA. Advised 6 presidents
Carl Vinson WW2 Era US Representative, improved Navy, brought military bases & industry to GA. Called the “Father of the 2 Ocean Navy.
Franklin Roosevelt Great Depression-WW2 Era US President, created New Deal to end Depression, visited Ga. often for polio treatments, died at Warm Springs, GA
William Hartsfield Civil Rights Era Atlanta Mayor, brought racial moderation and aviation industry to GA. Has an airport & a gorilla named after him.
Ivan Allen Jr. Civil Rights Era Atlanta Mayor, integrated state services & brought sports teams to Atlanta (Braves, Falcons, Hawks) Worked with Dr. King
Ellis Arnall Civil Rights Era GA. Governor, lowered the voting age so men old enough to fight in war could vote, restored college accreditation, involved in the 1946 Governor’s Race Episode
Herman Talmadge Civil Rights Era Segregationist governor who worked to improve schools. Related to Eugene Talmadge, Later became a US senator Involved in 1946 Governor’s Race Episode
Benjamin Mays Civil Rights Era Lifelong educator, President of Morehouse College, was on Atlanta School Board, mentor to Dr. King
Martin Luther King Jr. Civil Rights Era Led Modern Civil Rights Movement, March on Washington, “I Have A Dream Speech, won Nobel Peace Prize Assassinated at Lorraine Motel in Memphis, TN
Hamilton Holmes Civil Rights Era one of the first students to integrate UGA, became an orthopedic surgeon
Charlayne Hunter Civil Rights Era one of the first students to integrate UGA,became a TV journalist
Maynard Jackson Modern Ga Era 1st African American Mayor of Atlanta, improved airport, supported Arts & communities, helped bring Olympics to Ga. Known as the Ultimate Mayor
Lester Maddox Modern Ga Era Segregationist Mayor who closed his restaurant rather than integrate it then surprised everyone by hiring more African Americans for public offices than any other mayor before him.
Andrew Young Modern Ga Era Worked closely with Dr. King & was with him when he was killed, became a US representative and US Ambassador to the UN under Jimmy Carter, teaches at Ga. State
Jimmy Carter Modern Ga Era Ga. Governor, only Georgian to become US President, Iranian Hostage Crisis occurs during his presidency, peace-maker, humanitarian who continues his work internationally, won the Nobel Peace Prize
Created by: clemon
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