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history exam bryan

history 3rd 9 week exam

right to vote suffrage
supreme court decision upheld congress power of regulating interstate trade gibbons vs Ogden
why did Spain sign the Adams onis treaty couldnt deffend florida
what did J.Q believe at the end of his term us shouldnt get ivolved with affairs in other countrys
why did S.C repeal nullification congress lowered tarrifs
what warned europeans to stay out of us afairs menroe doctorine
why did north and south have different views on higher tariffs south had fewer factories
what treaty gave Florida to the US adams onis treaty
what did jackson think favored the wealthy national bank
why was the mississippi river important to farmers allowed them to ship crops to new orlans
which nation did the US purchase louisiana from france
purpose of menroe doctorine US wanted to be the most powerfull region in the nation
what best reflects Jefferson's reduction of federal govt cut federal spending
why was jefferson uneasy about buying the lousiana territory thought it was unconstitutional
results of lewis and clark expidition mapped new paths to pacific,info on plants and animals,and info on native americans
how industrial rev affected some children worked long hours in factories
what did james watt invent steam engine
how did the KNOW NOTHINGS get thier name when asked about there group,they replied i know nothing
why irish met with more hostility than other imigrants they were roman catholic
why 1808 was an important year against slavery became illegal to import enslaved african americans
primary purpose of slave codes to control every aspect of slaves lives
cotton producing states TN,LA,AL,MS
enabled western farmers to ship goods to nyc erie canal
major atvantage of railroads can be built any where
what did eli whitney invent cottongin and interchangeable parts
why germans immigrate to america took part in failed resolutions
why were clipper ships an improvement faster
who were most of the workers at lowell young women
number of free and slave states after missouri comprimise 11 and 11
linked many towns with citys railroads
robert fulton invented steam boat
what were most southern whites farmers
the industrial rev started in which industry textile
trade between 2 or more states interstate comerse
led independence movements in latin america cemon bulivar
president during panic of 1837 van buran
large meetings to choose a candidate nominating conventions
tribute protection money
supporters of war of 1812 war hawks
wrote nat anthem fransis scott key
wanted native american tribes to unite tecumseh
what is the continental devide place that seperates river systems flowing in opposite dirrections
opened a textile mill that combined spinning and weaving francis cabot lowell
group that wanted to limit immigration nativist
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