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Lecture 16 Wrld Dnsr

Predators Take Wing

How many species of bird are there? 10,000
Who is the oldest bird dinosaur and in what location was it found? Archaeopteryx, Germany 1860
Which other dinosaur was so closely related to archaeopteryx that it helped prove the evolution theory? Compsognathus
Which dinosaur was the "missing link" to relating birds back to dinosaurs? Archaeopteryx
What three hypotheses have been proposed for the origin of birds and who were they proposed by? 1. The Basal Archosaur Hypothesis (Gerhard Heilmann) 2. The Crocodilian Hypothesis (Alick Walker) 3. The Therapod Hypothesis (Thomas Huxley and John Ostrom)
Explain The Basal Archosaur Hypothesis Related birds back to more primitive reptiles since dinosaurs did not possess a clavicle. Birds have furculas (or wishbone)
The Crocodilian Hypothesis: Birds are most closely related to early crocs.
The Theropod Hypothesis: Birds are closely related to dinosaurs due to the many pieces of evidence like Archaeopteryx and Compsognathus
What is the "Trees-down model"? Based on the idea that Archaeopteryx was tree-living, evolved body parts that enabled it to glide, and eventually flapped and took off into flight. This doesn't work bc Archaeopteryx has to take minor risks to reach flight
What is the "Ground-up model"? Archaeopteryx was ground-living and used it's feathers to catch insects.
Created by: Chelseagirl2508