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Lecture 15 wrld dnsr

Carnivores Big and Small

Which groups are in the saurischian group? sauropodomorphs and therapods
When did the earliest dinosaur exist? Late Triassic -230 million years ago
Where was this dinosaur found? Ischigualasto Formation in Argentina
Name two therapod dinosaurs: Eoraptor, Herrerasaurus
What are some therapod characteristics? 1. bipedal (body is held horizontally to the ground), 2. claws (reduced the outside finger),3. 3 digitigrade toes (outside was reduced), 4.serrated teeth, 5.pneumatic bones (air-filled), 6. sensory (smell, vision, brain size)
How would therapods fight and what would they use as weapons? They slashed with their feet, arms and claws. Teeth!
How did therapods walk? Bipedal, digitigrade
What finger was usually reduced? outside fingers
What kind of teeth did therapods possess? Serrated
Definition of pneumatic bones Bones filled with airsacs
Created by: Chelseagirl2508