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Ancient History


Who is Hapi God of the Nile
what are cataracts obstructions in the river nile
what is the elephantine frontier a natural boundary formed by cataracts
what is the delta a shallow multi channeled section of the river
what is the marshy wetlands found in the north east valley of the river faiyum
what is the name for the red land and what is it deshret - any land that has not been touched by the flood water
what is the name given to lower egypt to-muhu
what is the name for the black land and what is it kemet - the land covered in silt presumably black, consequences of flood water
what were the seasons akhet - inundation (flooding), peret - emergence, shemu - dry time
what three gods were widely worshipped across egypt in the predynastic period seth, horus and neith
when did the first kings rule the whole of egypt 2900BC
what was the capital of united egypt memphis
what is the traditional view of how unified egypt was created king menes lead the armies of upper egypt to defeat the kingdom of lower egypt and then founded the new capitol memphis
what are the terms given to the regions of un-unified egypt proto-kingdoms and confederacies
Predynastic Period 5500 - 3100 BC
Early Dynastic Period 3100 - 2686BC, dynasties 1 - 2
Old Kingdom 2686 - 2181 BC, dynasties 3 - 6?
First Intermediate Period 2181 - 2055 BC, dynasties 7 - 10
Middle Kingdom 2055 - 1650, dynasties 11 - 13
Second Intermediate Period 1650 - 1550, dynasties 14 - 17
New Kingdom 1550 - 1069 BC, dynasty 18 - 20
define reign period of time when the same person s ruling and particular place
define dynasty period of time where the same family is ruling
define intermediate period period of time when the centralised governments has collapsed; conflict and disorder
what is Ma'at divine order and justice, symbol is a feather or a women a crown with a feather in it
who is osiris god of death
who is isis goddess of fertility and it the wife/sister of osiris and the mother of horus
who is seth/set the god of storms and chaos
who is horus regarded as the protector of the monarchy
what is the other title given to the capitol memphis white wall
whos was established as the god of memphis Narmer
how did the kings show the universality of their reign by combining the crown of upper and lower egypt to create the pschent
what is the term describing the natural division of rule in upper and lower egypt the natural antipathy
which king marks the beginning of the old kingdom the pharaoh Djozer
how did the building of royal pyramids show power because it took a massive amount of power to collect the resources needed and the man power and what not
What pushed the ancient egyptians to egypt The expansion of the desert
egyptian terms for upper and lower egypt Upper- Shemau Lower- To-mehu
who is bored monique
How many nomes were there? 42
The first capitol of unified egypt MEmphis
what is the significance of 'the weighing of the heart' The ancient egyptians believed that in the afterlife, to decide your fate yoour heart would be weighed on a scale and on the other side would be the feather of Ma'at. If your heart was lighter than the feather than you would go into the field of reeds
who is anubis the jackle-headed god, and is associated with the dead and to protect them on their journey to the afterlife
who is thoth is depicted with an ibis head or sometimes as a baboon, he the scribe of the gods
who were the two ladies wadjet and nekbet
who is nekbet the vulture headed goddess of upper egypt
who was rha/re the sun god
who is wadjet the cobra goddess of lower egypt
Who thinks Monique is stupid? Molly
Created by: oliviaprint
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