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Lecture 14 Wrld Dnsr

Long-Necked Gargantuans

What two groups are saurischians divided into? Theropoda and sauropodomorpha
Which of these groups is herbivorous? Sauropodomorpha
Which group is the largest to walk on land? Sauropodomorpha
Which two groups are in sauropodomorph? Prosauropods and sauropods
who's the ancestor of sauropodomorph? Basal sauropodomorphs
Which prosauropod was one of the first large dinosaurs? Plateosaurus
Two major characteristics of sauropod skulls? What types of dinosaurs have these? Camarasaurus and brachiosaurus have shorter, higher skulls with thick, spoon-shaped teeth and bonly external nostril positioned near the front. The second, being diplodocus, has a longer, lower skull with narrow teeth and a dorsally placed bony nostril.
What happened to the vertebrae of sauropods during evolution? Increased number of CERVICAL vertebrae
When the cervical and dorsal vertebrae are composed of series of beams and struts attached by thin sheets of bone. Pneumatized
Characteristics of sauropod front leg? upright and pillar-like. This included five robust metatarsals. They were digitigrade (walking on their fingertips). Most sauropods had a second finger claw weapon.
Characteristics of hind leg? Plantigrade (the toes are splayed out)
Which dinosaur, belonging to the sauropod group, had body armor? Titanisaurids
Did prosauropods travel in groups? Yes. Bonebed evidence
At what age did sauropods attain adult size and how long did they live? 20 yrs, died at 50 yrs
Created by: Chelseagirl2508