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Lecture 11 wrld dnsr

Behemoths with Body Armor

What is the bone before the dentary and what group of dinosaurs is it only found in? Predentary, Ornithiscians
In ornithiscians, what is the bone over the eye? palpebral
What 3 groups make up the ornithiscian? Thyreophorans, ornithopods, marginocephalians
Examples of thyreophorans? Stegosaurs and anklyosaurs
Examples of ornithopods? hypsilophondontids, iguanadon, hadrosaur
marginocephalians? Pachycephalosaurs, ceratopsians
What are some of the most primitive ornithiscians? Pisanosaurus, Lesothosaurus, heterodontosaurus
One of the earliest of thyreophora and when did it appear? scutellosaurus, early jurassic
When do the first stegos appear? Middle Jurassic (anklysaurs are poorly known in the jurassic period since they reached their peak of diversity in the cretaceous period)
A great majority of thyreophora were (blank), which indicated that bipedalism was a trait permanently lost earlier in evolution of this group quadrupedal
Thyrophean anatomy: What is the main characteristic of the thyrophean group? body armor
What are some other characteristics of the thyrophean group? (both stegos and anklyos) osteoderms (spikes and plates), three palpebrals, forlimbs are much shorter than hindlimbs
Stegosaur characteristics? small heads,basic jaws with leaf-like teeth, and small brains. They also posess rows of plates/spikes running down the dorsal midline and elongate dorsal vertebrae.
Anklyosaur characteristics? Heavily built, medium-sized, armored heads, same leaf-shaped teeth
What group possess long, narrow skulls and large shoulder spikes? Nodosaurids
Other major group that has short broad skulls and tail clubs Anklyosaurids
Diet of thyreophorans? Plants about 1 meter and lower
Were stegos and anklyos very fast? How can we tell? NOO. We can tell by their limb proportions
How did thyreophorans defend themselves? They were slow-moving anyway so they developed osteoderm, or spikes/plates, and armor
What is the regulation of body temperature? thermoregulation
The pattern of osteoderm was most likely used to? Display for species identification
Created by: Chelseagirl2508
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