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Growth of Ohio-Gr4

Regions, Underground RR, transportation, inventions

During the 1800's what was the Southern Region of the US economy based on? They relied on slave labor for their plantations
During the early 1800's how could the Northern Region of the United States be described? -rocky, thin soil -Manufacturing center for ship building and logging
How did the canals help Ohio's economy grow in the early 1800's? -created jobs -farmers in the middle of the state could better get their crops and goods to the markets East of the Appalachian Mountains
How did railroads replacing canals in the late 1800's encourage more growth in Ohio? -RR were faster than canals -RR could be used year round
Canals are no longer used in Ohio. What are two reasons for this? 1. Advancement of the railroads 2. Great Flood of 1913
Many immigrants, especially Irish and German, came to Ohio to build canals and railroads. Which industry is this a part of? Transportation
In the 1800's the transportation system changed Ohio and the United States. How did it do this? People and their ideas, as well as goods were able to be moved faster and cheaper
People who belonged to the Ohio-Anti-Slavery Society, were conductors on the Underground RR, and those who wrote anti-slavery newspapers had a special name. What is it? Abolitionists
During the 1800's a new phrase came into the United States vocabulary, Underground Railroad. What is that? Slaves who were not happy on the southern plantations had secret routes to the North from the South. They were guided by free people who did not believe in slavery.
During the 1800's inventors from Ohio changed lives of people. What kind of products did they make? -Things that made life safer -Things that made life easier
Ohio had many technological innovations that originated here which also benefited the United States. What areas did they benefit? -Communication -Transportation -Other kinds of Technology
Be able to read a timeline of inventions and answer questions about it.
Ohio has influenced the growth of the United States. What innovations have helped this growth? -Airplane -Automobile self-starter -Traffic Signal
A photograph of the Wright Brothers and their first airplane at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina is an example of what kind of source? Primary Source of information
If you saw a biography in the library entitled, The Life and Times of the Wright Brothers, what kind of source of information would that be? Secondary Source of information
Be able to write in complete sentences two ways in which WHERE you live influences HOW you live.
Canals were a great improvement in Ohio for transporting goods and people. However, there were some problems. Be able to explain problems canals had and how railroads were able to solve those problems.