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study skills test

what are study skills? study skills are habits and techniques that enable us to learn better
list 3 reasons why Christian students in particular should study. example, calling, preparation
2 Tim. 2:15 _______ to show thyself approved unto __________, a __________ that needeth not be ________________. Study, God, workman, ashamed
Col. 3;23-24 whatsoever ye do, do it ___________ as unto the ____________, not for_____....... It is the Lord Christ you are __________. heartily, Lord, men, serving
1 Thess. 2:12 _________ lives ___________ of God, who __________ you into his kingdom and glory. live, worthy, calls
good brain habits are activities that help the brain to ____________ function & study better
There are many ways we can help ourselves to develop good brain habits. list 3 ex. puzzles, read, sports/ strategy games
for our brains to be ready to learn, there are several brain skills/ functions that are necessary! name 2 brain synapses, and concentration
true or false= studies show that students who read regularly tend to do better in school than students who watch a great deal of television true
true or false= exercise and proper food are important for your physical body but have very little significance when it comes to becoming a better learner. false
true or false= brain synapses are strengthened when our brain processes the same information several times, even when the repetition occurs over a period of weeks or months true
true or false= basically, we each have the brain we were born with and there is very little we can do to improve the way it happens to work false
why is it important to know how to study correctly _________ & _________________ saves time & produces better results
learning to succesfully manage your time, activities, and responsibilities is called? time management
give 3 ex. of different types of items that you should write on your calendar? holidays, sports, tests, projects, church events, appointments
essay on common problem areas students encounter when it comes to studying The common problem areas of studying consist of confusion, procrastination, not motivated, peer pressure and too lazy. Confusion is often a hinderance to studying because ou just do not understand what to do. Another problem area is procrastination,bottom
because you keep putting the paper and studying off so that it could eventually not get done. Not being motivated is a problem when it comes to studying because you dont want to use any of you energy on studying. Peer pressure is common-day problem, with studying because of technology. this is because of facebook, txting, and calling. You spend so much time talking instead of doing your work. Lastly being too lazy is a problem brought on by yourself which can let you do what you want like playing
video games but not studying. Two weaknesses I have when studying is being distracted and too busy. Sometimes I am too busy to study because of sports and extra curricular activites, for which I have to cram in the information. I am also distracted by siblings, technology and friends
what is motivation having a desire to do something
the things which cause us to do or not do a particular action are called ________________ motivators
what is a key factor in achieving academic success. motivation
If I really want to be successful in a particular area, I need to fid out what __________ me and use it to achieve my goals motivates
the 2 types of motivators are ___________ and ____________ external and internal
give 3 examples of a external motivators helping others, money and rewards, and expectations of others
what 3 examples of internal motivators organization of things, risk taking/adventure, organization of people
t of f= both types of motivation are important true
t or f= external motivation is generally bad false
t or f= to succeed, it is important for students to become increasingly internally motivated as they grow older true
an important motivator for christians should be? wwjd= what would Jesus do
are you internally or externally motivated? internally
explain why? I am internally motivated because I love organization of things and people. I also enjoy personal growth.
are quizzes and tests a kind of motivator? explain Quizzes and test are motivators because they cause us to do the action of studying. If we do not study for a quiz we will must likely fail. Also it will increase are abilities of personal growth.
to study effectively, you should plan to study at a regular ______ and _______ time and space
what does it mean to study during your "prime time"? when you are awake, alert, and active
the place where your study needs to be comfortable but also __________ practical
how can you show your priorities when you are adding items to your study calender? color code
list at least five supplies that should always be easily availabe at your study spot? pens, white out, paper, ruler, and pencils with eraser
If I fail to plan, I plan to _____________. fail
most people study best at a desk or table true
people study best in the early evening so studying after dinner is a good habit for all students to form false
some people study better if there is some background noise while other people need absolute quiet true
It;s a good idea to change to a new study spot frequetly so that you don't become bored with studying false
It is important to have extremely bright lighting in your study area false
a person's learning style is usually est. at age 7 true
Most people are a mixture of learning styles with one style being dominant true
although it takes some effort , a person can usuallly change fro having a dominant learning style to having another false
the key to est. effective studying is to know yourself and how your really study best true
what is one thing you can do to improve your studying make sure my phone, computers, and friends are not distracting me
define learning styles how people gather and use information
name 3 different types of learner visual, auditory, and kinesthetic
which learning style are these= learns best by seeing the info visual
learns best by hearing the info auditory
learns best by doing kinesthetic
does better when teacher lectures or there is a class discussion about the information audiotory
does best when there is space and freedom to move about, such as in a science lab kinesthetic
does well when there are maps and/or board examples visual
most common type of learner visual
least common type of learner kinesthetic
does better when teacher gives oral instructions, not just written ones auditory
would do better if he got to explain the directions to someone else rather than just seeing or hearing them kinesthetic
what is the sq3r method a system to effectively study from text books and notes
name the five steps to the sq3r method s= survey q= question r=read r=recite r=review
say the information to yourself and answer questions in your own words recite
look over the info and not the titles, heading, boldfaced words, illustrations, etc. read
make a list of q's for yourself questions
quiz yourself on the work, skim the whole assignment again review
quick to find specifics scan
slow and thoughtful for details and content read closely
fairly quick and light for pleasure read recreationally
fast for general ideas skim
looking for civil war in the encyclopedia scan
reading an encyclopedia article prior to writing a report read closely
examining a book to see if it might contain enough info for a major research paper scan
looking at a story in reader's digest that caught your attention read recreationally
visual % 40-65%
auditory % 30%
kinesthetic % 5-30%
the average listening rate is much faster than the average speaking rate true l rate= 400-600 wpm and average s rate= 125 wpm
a person's listening bursts usually last approximately 3 mins false
its a good idea to plan 2 study sessions to prepare for tests true
because it occurs right before the test, cramming is just as good a way to study as reviewing the night before false
although nutrition, exercise, and rest are important for good health, they don't really affect test taking too much false
unless you're motivated, it's easy to get bored/distracted while listening true
as you begin to prepare for a test, it is useful to know what 3 things what to study & what type of test it is
what 3 things should you take home if your plan to study for a big test notes, book, handouts, and quizzes
hearing is ___________ automatic
listening is ___________ can be controlled and developed
successful learners choose to ? listen
list 4 guidelines to good listening sit up, prepare ahead of time, maintain eye contact, identify and deal with distractions
list 6 methods to help yourself study more effectively highlight key points in notes, make flashcards, make study sheet,make a study group, correct wrong quiz answers, have someone quiz you, reward yourself for right answers
name the 3 types of tests? combination, objective, & essay
should you quessif you don't know a answer yes
do qualifiers generallly make a t/f question true yes
absoultes make it false yes
are short t/f statements generally true no
should you make your essay answers as long as possible no
if your essay answer usually be broad and fairly general no
if your essay answer is rather short 2-3 sentences what does that usually indicate you don't know enough information
when you have to quess should you go with your 1st hunch yes
in multiple choice q's it's a good idea to answer all your quesses with the same letter no
what are 3 factors in test success test taking skills, common sense knowledge of subject matter
how do you take a test skim whole test, jot down memorized facts, check all directions
which q's do you answer first easy objective q's
which q's do you do next essay
last q's to do difficult objectives
last step when taking a test check your work
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