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Chapter 6

BICAMERAL A legislature consisting of two parts, or houses.
CENSUS Or population count taken by the Census Bureau, Congress adjust, or changes, the number of representatives given to each state.
CONSTITUENT People represented.
GERRYMANDER An oddly shaped district designed to increase the voting stregth of a particular group.
MAJORITY PARTY The political party to which more than half the members belong.
MINORITY PARTY In both the House of Respresentative and the Senate, the politcal party to which fewer than half the members belong.
STANDING COMMITTEE Permanent committe that continues work from session to session in its Congress.
SENIORITY Years of service.
EXPRESSED POWERS Power that Congress has that are specifically in the constitution.
IMPLIED POWERS Powers that Congress has that are not stated explicitly in the Constitution.
ELASTIC CLAUSE Clause in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution that gives Congress the right to make all laws "necessery and proper" to carry out its expressed powers.
IMPEACH Accuse affocials of misconduct in office.
WRIT OF HABEAS CORPUS A court order that requires police to bring a prisoner to court to explain police to bring a prisoner to court to explain why they are holding the person.
BILL OF ATTAINDER Laws that punish a pearson without a jury trail.
EX POST FACTO LAW Laws that make an act a crime after the act has been committed.
FRANKING PRIVILEGE The right of senators and representatives to send job-related mail without paying postage.
LOBBYIST People hired by privite groups to influence government decision makers.
CASEWORK Help in dealing with the federal government.
PORK-BARREL PROJECT Government projects and grants that primarily benefit the home district or state.
JOINT RESOLUTION A resolution that is passed by both houses of congress.
SPECIAL-INTEREST GROUP Organizations made up of people with common interests.
FILIBUSTER Talk a bill to death.
CLOTURE A procedure used in the Senate to limit debate on a bill.
VOICE VOTE A voting method in which those in favor say "Yea" and those againts say "NO".
STANDING VOTE In Congress, when members stand to be counted for a voote on a bill.
ROLL-CALL-VOTE A voting method in the Senate in which members voice their votes in turn.
VETO Refuse to sign the bill.
POCKET VETO President's power to kill a bill, if Congress is not in session, by not signing ir for 10.
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