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S and E Asia Test

South and East Asia Geography Test Review

A seasonal wind that blows across the region at certain times during the year Monsoon
Falling water used to generate electricity Hydroelectricity
A brownish yellow fertile soil Loess
Gases that are poisonous or dangerous to people Toxic fumes
An underground bed or layer of permeable rock, sediment, or soil that yields water Aquifer
A city plus all the smaller towns and growth around it Agglomeration
Average number of people living in a square mile Population density
A violent storm that develops over the Pacific Ocean Typhoon
A usually triangular alluvial, or soil deposit at the mouth of a river Delta
A two-wheeled passenger cart that is pulled by another person Rickshaw
The Rickshaw is related to which geographical area; Japan, India, or most of Asia? India
Where would you find the bullet train being used more often; India, Beijing, or Japan? Japan
Most of Asia has transportation that is largely undeveloped- T or F Ture
Which place has mostly congested roads; India, Japan, or Beijing? Beiging
Is the Huang He, Ganges, or Indus the most sacred river in India? Ganges
What is the Huang He River is named for? need the answer!
The Huang He River is named for the yellow silt it carries through China, true or false True
What is between the Yellow Sea and the Sea of Japan; Japan, Korean Peninsula, or Vietnam K Peninsula
In China, what is the longest river Yangtze
Pick the two major rivers in Vietnam; Ganges, Indus, Mekong, Yangtze, Mekong, Red Mekong and Red
Does the Gobi Desert, Himalayan Mountains, or the Ganges River keep India dry and warm in the winter (pick one)? Himalayan Mountains
The largest amount of people in China live either; along the coast or along the Huang He River or in the North China Plain? In the North China Plain
As part of an important festival of the Hindu religion, 20 million people bathe in the Ganges River at Varanasi in 2001; True of False? True
More than 300 Million people along the banks of the Yangtze River- True or False True
Around 3/4 of the people in India live in either; mountian valleys, cities, or villages Villages
Either farming, telecommunications, technology, or transportation- which one does Japan specialize in? Technology
The loss of fertile land, or, the loss of China’s past, or flooding on the Huang He is associated with China’s sorrow- which one is it? Flooding on the Huang He
Why is China the worlds #1 food producer because it has such a large population
Which direction do monsoons winds blow accross China? North
The most crowded urban agglomeration throughout the world is? Toyko, Japan
Created by: davidyoung