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Social Studies

test tmrw march 13, 2013

natural resource product of the earth that people use to meet their needs
renewable resorces resource that cannot be used up or can be replaced naturally
import goods bought from another country
export to trade goods to another country
tariff taxes on imports
quota limit of products that can be imported
developed country has much industrilization
developing country is starting to have industrialization
free trade no barriers to trade
traditional economy economic decisions based on custom
command economy all economies decisions made by the government
market economy all economies decisions made by individuals
rights benefits and protections provided by the goverment
responsibilites duties owned by citizens to their goverment and fellow citizens
globalization development of a world culture and an interpendent economy
fossil fuels (gas, oil, natural gas), minerals and nuclear energy
what are renewable resorces? sun, wind,plants,animals and soil
another name for command economy? communism
technology the ability of humans to make things to help them control their enviorment
specializing a way countries deal with unequal development of resources
other names for market economy free interprise and capitalism
some barriers to trade quotas and tariffs
negitive results of globslization of local cultures
postitive results of globalization having access to different products
examples of modern transportation airplanes and bullet trains
examples of modern communication cell phones and computers
how can news be broadcasted communication satlites
dissadvantages to the Internet loss of privacy and negitive intentions
it is important to understand what your responsibilites as a citizen
civic participation being concerned with local, state, national, and international events
as an american citizen, what is your duty to respect the property and privacy of others
economy the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services
Created by: abby_pottorff_13