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ohs us hist stuff

speculation what seems like what is going to happen
Black Tuesday stock market crashed
business cycle explains the periodic growth and contraction of the economy
bread line when men stood in line for hours just to get bread
Hooverville another word for shanty towns
tenant farmer working for bigger landowners rather than for themselves
Dust Bowl A large drought in the Midwest with dust storms
Okies Refugees of the Dust Bowl area
repatriation involved efforts by local, state, and federal governments to encourage or coerce Mexican immigrants and their naturalized children to return to Mexico
localism the policy whereby problems could best be solved at local and state levels
Reconstruction Finance Corporation gave more than a billion dollars of government loans to railroads and large businesses
trickle-down economics money given to big business men and then it would spread into the people
Hoover Dam large dam that powers California, Nevada, and Arizona
Bonus Army WW1 vets that wanted the bonus that Congress had promised them
New Deal FDRs plan to end the Great Depression
fireside chat way for the president to communicate to the American people through radio
FDIC protection for the people against bank failure
TVA dams that were in the Tennessee River valley to control floods and to generat
CCC civilian conservation corps provided jobs for more than two million young men
NRA National Recovery Administration codes of fair competition to govern whole industries
PWA Public Works Administration built bridges, dams, power plates, and government buildings
Second New Deal addressed the problems of the elderly, the poor, and the unemployed
WPA Works Progress Administration built or improved a good part of the naiton's highways, dredged rivers and harbors, and promoted soil and water conservation
pump priming putting people to work on public projects put money into the hands of consumers who would buy more goods, stimulating the economy
Social Security Act established unemployment insurance for workers who lost their jobs
Wagner Act recognized the right of employees to join labor unions and gave workers the right of collective bargaining
collective bargaining meant that employers had to negotiate with unions about hours, wages, and other working conditions
Fair Labor Standards Act provided workers with additional rights
CIO made because some people were fed up with the AFL
sit-down strikes workers refuse to leave the workplace until a settlement is reached
court packing FDR thought that the supreme court was filled with old worn out people
Black Cabinet held aa advisers to the president
Indian New Deal a program that gave Indians economic assistance and greater control over their own affairs
New Deal coalition brought together southern whites, northern blue-collar worker- especially those with immigrant roots- poor midwestern farmer, and African Americans
welfare state a government that assums responsibility for providing for the welfare of children and the poor, elderly, sick, diabled, and unemployed
Federal Art Project provided many jobs for artists
mural painting
The Wizard of Oz a popular movie in the thirties about a girl from the Dust Bowl
War of the Worlds a popular book by H.G. Wells
Hawley-Smoot Tariff raised prices on foreign imports to such a level that they could not copete in the American market
Great Depression a period in which the economy faltered and unemployment soared
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