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Nut: Fitness

Fitness in Athletes

benefits of fitness enhanced heart function, improved balance, better sleep habits
characteristics of good fitness program mode, duration, frequency, intensity, progression, consistency, variety
Aerobic exercise is using large muscle groups
Minimum amount of exercise a day 30 minutes
frequency should be 3-5 days
energy sources for muscles ATP, Phosphocreatine, Carbs, Fats, Proteins
ATP lasts 2-4 seconds
Phosphocreatine lasts 10 seconds
Anaerobic pathways last 30 secs - 2 mins
Aerobic pathways last 2 - 30 mins
Muscle Glycogen lasts < 30 minutes
Blood Glucose lasts > 30 minutes
Fat is the main source of fuel for prolonged, low intensity exercise
Define low intensity 30-50% max vo2
Define moderate intensity 50-65% max vo2
Define high intensity 70-80% max vo2
Define very high intensity 85-150% max vo2
Type 1 are oxidative and red slow twitch fibers
Type 2 A are oxidative/glycolytic and white fast twitch fibers
Type 2 B are glycolytic and white fast twitch fibers
Type 1 is used for ___ exercise and type 2 is used for ____ exercise 1= endurance 2= sprints
Define hypertrophy muscles enlarge after being made to work repeatedly
Energy needs depend on body size, body comp, type of training/competition
What macronutrient can be reduced in athletes without affecting performance fats
Carb needs for non athletes 5-7g/kg
Carb needs for athletes 7-9g/kg
___% of energy comes from carbs 55-65%
___% energy comes from fats for athletes 15-25%
Protein needs for athletes 1.2-1.7g/kg
Vitamins/Minerals needed Iron and calcium
24 hours before exercise drink Freely
2 hours before exercise drink 2-3 cups
10 minutes before exercise drink 1-1.5 cups
During exercise drink 1-1.5 cups every 10 minutes
After exercise drink 3 cups of fluid for each pound lost
Pre-exercise meal high carb, non greasy
During exercise meal carbs/sports drinks
After exercise meal carbs and proteins 30 minutes after exercise
Define ergogenic affects nutritional, psychological, mechanical, physiological, pharmaceutical substances aimed to improve performance
Permissible ergogenic substances vitamins, energy bars, sports drinks, meal replacement drinks
Non permissible ergogenic substances amino acids, creatine, glycerol, protein powders
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