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7-4:1 Imperialism

KH_ Growth of Imperialism, Krystal Haltiwanger, Core 3, Hardy

Imperialism One nations extends its control to the government and the economy of another nation.
Direct rule Imperial nations ruled foreign people in several different ways, this was one of them. They created a colony that was ruled directly by the home country.
Indirect rule The opposite of direct rule, a colony not ruled by the home country
Protectorate System in which people have their own government, but the home country has the final say on important matters
Sphere of influence A region where the imperial power held the sole right to trade or invest.
Sovereignty The right for the people to pick their own government
Zulu war AKA Anglo-Zulu War. British defeated the Zulu, Zululand became under British control
Sepoy rebellion The East Indian company was given power by the British government, hired Indian soldiers to distruct the British
Sepoy Indian soldiers
Viceroy Sent to rule as the monarchs representatives
Open door policy All nations would have equal trading rights in china.
Boxer rebellion The society of the harmonious fists attacked foren groups
Boxers European and American members of the Harmonious Fists Society.
Modernize Advance technology
Created by: K2H
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