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Ch 25 LMHS h


Why were women recruited into the military? They needed women to do non-combat positions, so men could be released for combat.
Battle of Midway Japan wanted to destroy the American fleet. Americans broke the Japanese code. Chester Nimitz spotted the Japanese and destroy them. "Avenged Pearl Harbor". Allied victory
Battle of Stalingrad Germany was attacking the USSR near the Volga RIver. Hitler thought it would be an easy victory, but the winter set it. SOviets were used to the freezing temperatures and were able to win.
Hiroshima First Atomic bomb dropped by American plane the Enola Gay. Bomb code named "Little Boy"
Nagasaki Second Atomic bomb dropped 3 days later nicknamed "Fat Man"
V-E Day Victory in Europe Day May, 1945.
VJ Day Victory in Japan Day, August, 1945
Rationing Blue and Red stamp system used to limit products from being overconsumed.
"Double V" slogan from African AMericans for a Victory in battle and a Victory over racism at home.
Where was most ofthe military equipment made during the war? Automobile factories that had been converted.
Why were Iwo Jima and Okinawa important islands? They were close enough to Japan that the US would be able to bomb them from there.
Executive Order 9066 allowed FDR to declare any part of the US A military zone. What happened to the Japanese as a result? They were forced into 10 military internment camps away from the coast. This was upheld by the Korematsu V. United States Supreme Court Case
What did the Fair Employment Practices Commission do? FDR created it to enforcce nondiscrimination in hiring workers in defense industries.
Who influenced FDR to create the Fair Employment Practices Commission? A. Philip Randolph, an African American Labor leader.
At Normandy, the Allies intentionally let information leak that they were going to attack 150 miles north of their actual intended location. Where? Faked out Germans to think they would attack Pas-de-Calais. Actually attacked at Normandy (Omaha beach most bloody)
Bracero Program Migrant farmworkers were brought from Mexico to the United States to work in the Southwest's agricultural system.
Dwight D. Eisenhower Commanded the invasion of France. Future US President.
Chester nimitz Commander of the US navy in Pacific
Robert Oppenheimer led engineers and team of scientists to build the atomic bomb code-named the Manhattan Project
Albert Einstein wrote a letter to FDR warning that the Germans were working with uranium to build a bomb
Douglas MacArthur General in the Phillipines who promised to return.
D-Day Invasion of Normandy led by Eisenhower. Code named "Operation Overlord"
442nd Regimental Combat Team Japanese American military unit
Tuskeegee Airmen African American military unit
E Bonds Raised money for the war. Gov't issued.
Nuremberg Where the INternational Military Tribuna.l tried German leaders suspected of committin gwar crimes.
Allies US, Great BRitain, France, USSR (Russia)
Axis Japan, Italy, Germany
Mussolini Facist leader of Italy
Hitler Nazi leader of Germany
Churchill Prime Minister of Great BRitain
Neville Chamberlain Prime Minister of Great Britain who appeased Hitler in the Munich Agreement
Battle of Britain Germans bombed Britain for 2 months straight. Hitler finally called off the invasion
President who dropped the A-bomb Harry Truman
Zoot Suit Riots Mexican Americans fought were White Americans in Los Angeles
Joseph Stalin Communist dictator of USSR, killed millions.
December 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor Day
Hirohito Emperor of Japan
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