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Minnesota Historych3

Flash cards on the Dakota in Minnesota

ohanwaste Dakota word meaning generosity
tiyospaye Dakota word meaning extended family
wohoda Dakota word meaning respect
Spring Housing bark houses
Summer Housing bark houses along river
Autumn Housing tipis
Winter Housing tipi village
Spring Food Sugar Camps and small game
Summer Food Wild Rice and other crops, fish
Autumn Food Big game deer, bison, bear
Winter Food Big game deer, bison, bear
What is the Dakota way of viewing history They think you can change history and it revolves in a circle.
How does the story of Tate Waziyata and Wicanhpi Hoksidan explain the seasons? They made a pact after the war that each one would come for half the year and that is why the seasons are here.
Collect the sap in small birchbark dishes. Boil the sap until it becomes syrup and sugar. Pound wood chips into the tree cuts. Test the trees to see if the sap is running. Pour the sap into troughs or clay pots. 3 5 2 1 4
Wakinyan Thunderbird
Unktehi Water Spirit
Oral tradition purposeful repeating of stories.
When the snow starts melting what do they do Check the trees to see if they are ready to give up their sap.
In what season do they plant cultivate and harvest Summer
In what season is rice harvest a big part of their life Summer
In what season do they prepare for winder by hunting animals for food, clothing, and shelter. Autumn
After the autumn hunt was over, they settled down for the cold season. What kind of housing did they make? Tipi Village
When the snow melts, What does the sap from the trees do? It starts to run
Created by: keats634