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Civil Rights JA

This means bringing races together. Integration
When a person breaks the law knowing he/she will be arrested, but do it to make a point or promote a cause, it is called Civil disobedience
Give an example of civil disobedience Greensboro sit-ins, Rosa Parks refusal to change sears on the bus
What Supreme Court decision ruled that segregation was illegal? Brown vs. Board of Education
In what country did Mohandas Gandhi work in a non-violent way to gain civil rights? India
Give some examples of a Jim Crow law. Whites and blacks could not use same toilets or bus stations, people of different races could not marry each other, books old not be passes between races
True or false Marches were used to help gain voting rights for African Americans. True He lead the March on Washington
Describe what happened in Little Rock, Arkansas during the CRM. President Eisenhower had to send soldiers to the high school so the Little Rock Nine could attend an all white high school there.
How did people in the Little Rock community feel about African American students attending the all white school? Many showed hatred by screaming, threatening, and spitting at the students as they tried to enter school.
True or false Bus stations were segregated in the south. True
Which group tried to bring attention to bus segregation? Freedom Riders
True or False Martin Luther King believed in using violence to gain Civil Rights? False he used only peaceful, nonviolent methods to gain rights.
Which group believed in using violence and self-defense if necessary to gain Civil Rights. Black Panthers
What law ended segregation in public areas? Civil Rights Act of 1964
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