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Bria's class

United States Hist.

Who was the " hero of vicksburg " ? General Grant
Civil War turning point battle : cut the south into 2 ! Vicksburgh Mississippi
Civil war turning point battle : last southern offense Gettysburg
Who followed a scorched earth / total war policy ? General Sherman and Sherman's March
Where ? Civil War surrender spot Appomattox courthouse virginia
Who ? President of the confederacy / union Davis and Lincoln
Term : States loyal to the union but allowed slavery ? Border States
Bloodiest battle of the Civil War ( 23,000 dead ) ? Antietan
Term : Northerners who support southern secession ? Copperheads
Term: Period of rebuilding after the Civil War Reconstruction
Name the gov't program to help ex-slaves . Freedman
When did Reconstruction begin and end ? 1866 - 1877
President Lincoln and Johnson's Reconstruction Plan ? Forgive the south and punish the south
Who ? President after Lincoln's Assassination Andrew Jackson
Term : extreme Republicans that want to punish the south Radical Republicans
Which President withdrew troops , ending Reconstruction ? R. Hayes
List three reasons black citizens were denied the right to vote 1. poll tax 2. literacy test 3. grandfather claws
Who was impeached for violating the Tenure of Office Act ? Andrew Jackson
Term : tax on the right to vote Poll tax
This kept freedman in service Jobs Black codes
What kept races legally seperate ? Jim Crow Laws
What replaced the Plantation system of farming ? Sharecropping and tenant farming
Term : southerners profit on Reconstruction / northerners ? Scalawag Carpetbaggers
List 3 civil war / reconstruction amendments 1. 13th 2. 14th 3. 15th
Why was Andrew Jackson impeached ? Violating the tenure of office act
Why was Johnson really impeached ? Radicals felt he was too lenient to the south
Amendment : if you're born here , you're citizen 14th amendment
Treaty ? U.S gets the right of deposit in New Orleans Pinckny Treaty
You must read in order to vote Literacy test
Who was the founder of the mormon faith ? Joseph Smith
Which tribe did Chief Joseph belong ? Nez Perce
Who helped build the 1st transcontinental railroad ? Chinese and Irish
Created by: Sushii