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SS Yoder 8.3 8.4

Alexander Hamilton leader of Federalists.
Philip Freneau published the National Gazette
partisan favoring one side of an issue
Thomas Jefferson leader of the (Democractic) Republicans
faction A small, organized, dissenting group within a larger one, esp. in politics.
John Adams nominated by federalists to be president and won election
Federalist group of people who generally supported the policies of Alexander Hamilton
Republican group of people who disagreed with the polices of Hamilton.
XYZ Affair After Charles de Talleyrad refused to speak to the American delegates, he sent three agents, X,Y, and Z. The incident was reported and Adams was furious.
nullify to cancel or make ineffective
sedition activities aimed at weakening established government
Alien Act gave the president the power to deport aliens he considered dangerous.
Charles de Talleyrand French foreign minister. Apart of the XYZ Affair
Naturalization Act made it difficult for white aliens to become citizens.
Sedition Act made it a crime to speak, write, or public false criticisms of the government, Congress, or president
Virginia and Kentucky Resolution states had the right to judge the constitutionally of federal laws.
Treaty with France French stopped attacks on USA ships. Also divided the Federalists.
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