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SS WW2 BMS 6-2

BMS 6-2 social studies test for Thursday 3-13-13

Hitler invades Poland September 1 1939
Pearl Harbor bombed Dec 7 1941
Battle of midway June 1942
D-Day June 6 1944
V-E (victory in Europe day) May 8 1945
Japan surrenders Sept 2 1945
Benito Mussolini Italian dictator began fascism
Adolf Hitler Leader of Nazi Germany
Joseph Stalin Leader of the U.S.S.R
Winston Churchill Prime minister of Great Britain
Hideki Tojo Japanese army general
Dwight D Eisenhower Supreme commander of allied forces in Europe
Erwin Rommel Commander of Bergman\forces in Africa
Douglas MacArthur Commander of allied forces in pacific
James Doolittle Led bombing raids on Tokyo
Rosie the Riveter A symbol for women factory workers in WW2
Luftwaffe The German Air Force
Axis Powers Germany Italy Japan
The Big Three (allied leaders) Roosevelt Stalin Churchill
The Final Solution Hitlers plan for murdering Jews
Appeasement Giving in to a country in order to keep their peace
Blitzkrieg Lightning war used by Germans fast and surprising
Lend-Lease Act Allows the US to ship supplies to countries
Hiroshima and Nagasaki Cities in Japan that were bombed with atomic bombs
Navajo Indians Codes to help the allied
Manhattan Project Top secret program to build an atomic bomb
Fascism Mussolini extreme patriotism and nationalism
Holocaust Murder of 6 million Jews by Nazi's
The details of D-Day (4) Called operation overload Largest seaborne invasion in history Landed on Normandy Allied troops liberated the French capital
The reasons for the Yalta conference (2) Held at a resort in the Soviet Union to make plans for Europe after the war
What countries were not under German control when US entered war All except Soviet Union and Great Britain
The turning point in the war in the pacific The battle of Midway
The purpose of island hopping To take over weakly defended (Japanese) islands to make new bases
Details of the Japanese internment (3) Had to leave their homes\jobs Held in camps Were thought to be security threats
The reasons for invading North Africa first (2) Defeat the axis in North Africa first More successful in south Europe
The reason for using the atomic bombs against Japan Allies didn't want to invade Japan and lose more soldiers
The event that began WW2 in Europe Hitler-invasion of Poland
The ideals of the Nuremberg Trials People are responsible for their actions even in wartime
The purpose of the Marshall Plan To rebuild the economics of Europe
How life in the US was affected by the war GI Bill-increased education African Americans-more opportunities Goods were rationed
Created by: greencolor