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SS 4 (C)

Social Studies - Ch. 4

Where was President Lincoln assassinated? Ford's Theater
Who assassinated President Lincoln? John Wilkes Booth
When was President Lincoln assassinated? 5 days after the end of the Civil War
What abolished slavery? The 13th ammendment
What were Black Codes? Laws limiting the rights of former slaves
What happened when President Johnson was impeached? He was acquitted by 1 vote.
What did the Freedmen's Bureau do? It aided all needy people, but former slaves were it's main concern.
What was the Freedmen's Bureau's most important work? Education
When was gold discovered near Pikes Peak, Colorado? In 1858
Who invented an improved steel plow for the tough dry soil? James Oliver
What is sharecropping? Workers are paid in shares of crops rather than cash
Where was Cheyenne, Wyoming? At the end of a cattle trail
What was the purpose of The Transcontinental Railroad? To link the Atlantic and Pacific coasts
Who invented the air brake? George Westinghouse
What contribution did the air brake make? Made trains safer by stopping each car
Who invented the blast furnace? Henry Bessemor
What did a blast furnace do? Melted iron ore to make steel
Who started the Standard Oil Company? John D. Rockefeller
How did John D. Rockefeller make his company more profitable? By building its own barrels, pipelines, warehouses, and tank cars
What was the Great Migration? When many African Americans moved north to look for jobs.
When did the Great Migration occur? From 1915-1930
Created by: slheard